Child-proof or House-train?

There comes a moment in every child’s life when they finally figure out how to move around.  Gone are the days when you could place your child in the middle of the living room with a few toys and go to the bathroom knowing that when you returned they would still be right in the middle of the room.  Now if you turn your head for a second they are army crawling toward the exits. It is at this moment a decision must be made.

Are you going to baby-proof your house or are you going to house-train your baby?

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Product Review: Stove Top Cleaner

Glass stove tops can be nightmares to clean.  I don’t know what makes those burned on stains so impossible to get off.  Over the years I have tried a handful of glass cook top cleaners as well as various home remedies involving vinegar, baking soda or lemon juice. Nothing really seemed to work much better than water. Continue reading Product Review: Stove Top Cleaner

Family Vacation

I want my family to be able to go on a wonderful vacation. A long trip to Disney or maybe even a Disney Cruise would be a great option. A strategic road trip visiting zoos, aquariums and museums would also be lovely. Ten days is how long I would like this vacation to be, ten days seems like just the right amount of time. The perfect amount of time for my family to have a terrific vacation….without me. Continue reading Family Vacation

The Adventures of a Stay-at-Home Dad of 5