DIY: Pallet Board Wall Art

Last year I had disassembled so many pallets and had so many lose boards laying around I began to rack my brain as to what I could do with these boards.  One afternoon I thought up this art project idea to get the kids involved with. I apologize that these pictures are not the highest of quality.

DIY Pallet board art project

Naturally the first step is to pick out a board that you would like to use.


pallet project cut board

Then you need to measure and cut your board. I cut my board into 4 equal lengths. For a more unique look you could cut the board into slightly different lengths.


Drill Kreg Jig holes, pallet project

Then I clamped on my Kreg Jig and drilled a few pocket holes into the boards.


Pallet canvas

After I drilled the holes, I screwed the boards together to make a rectangle. Instead of lining all the boards up perfectly you could have them be slightly uneven for a different look.


sanded pallet project

Next I sanded it smooth with a belt sander. Depending on what you are doing you might want to leave it a rough finish.


cut out pallet project diy

After that was finished, I got an old piece of cardboard and made a cut-out.


pallet project cut out

I then taped my cut-out to the board so it could be an outline for my boys.


painting pallet project

After only being able to watch, the boys were finally able to get their hands dirty. I told them to paint the inside of the cut-out green, with the trunk at the bottom brown. I wasn’t sure exactly how we were going to do the ornaments when my oldest son had a great idea.


cherished art project diy pallet

He came up with the idea to use their fingers and make “finger-print ornaments.” I thought it was a great idea and they had a fun time putting the ornaments on the tree. Now we have a great little homemade decoration that the boys are proud to show off.

I did this as a Christmas project but once you have the wooden “pallet canvas” created, your possibilities are nearly endless. So get out there and make your project. Show me what you can do!

4 thoughts on “DIY: Pallet Board Wall Art”

  1. What an amazing project and great final result! It is super creative and a fun way to get your family involved! Plus, you’ve created a lasting Christmas ornament.
    I also like how you hired local artists for the job!!
    Ps: I didn’t know what a jig was until now! Thanks for sharing!

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