Party Under The Big Top #10

Headline Graphic Party Under the Big Top Act Ten with Welcome to My Circus and Sunshine Dad Blog

Party Under the Big Top ~ Act Ten

Well, here we are: Another week gone by and another Party Under the Big Top in the books. Last week had a lot of really great posts linked up and I have no reason to believe this week will be any different.

We’ve got a little bit of an announcement to make this week, plus we’ve switched up the social media link to Bloglovin’. So please don’t forget to link up your Bloglovin’ account after you have linked up a post or two. Have a great week!

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He took the Leap…

YES, that’s right HE TOOK THE LEAP!!!! Now, we’ve got you wondering WHO took the LEAP and WHERE did he LEAP too right?!?! Well, even if we don’t have you wondering we’re STILL going to tell you anyway! :p None other than one of Party Under the Big Top, the #BigTopBlogParty’s ONLY MALE Ringmaster, Mike, that’s who!

Framed He took the leap image

NO, he didn’t take a flying leap off a short pier or any other place you may be thinking of he DOVE in HEAD FIRST and is now the VERY PROUD owner, and rightfully so, of his VERY OWN SELF-HOSTED WEBSITE! YEPPERS, he is no longer blogging at the old Sunshine Dad Blog! The NEW Sunshine Dad Self-Hosted Blog is OFFICIALLY up and running and is NO LONGER a BIG secret that Lysa has to be careful not to let slip… Trust us she ALMOST did a few times in the past couple of weeks!


So why haven’t you clicked on one of the LINKS like this one >> Sunshine Dad << to rush over and take a peek?!?! WELL???? Hurry on over to Sunshine Dad and don’t worry Party Under the Big Top will still be here waiting for you! I swear we aren’t going to go anywhere until you get back from Sunshine Dad!!!! Oh and when you’re over there be sure to give him some blogger LOVIN’ and leave a comment to show your support!

April is National Autism Awareness Month

Party Under the Big Top has gone BLUE for the month of April to show our support for Autism Awareness Month! For more information click over there or over here you can read Lysa’s blog post about it CLICK HERE!!!!

Autism Society's April is National Autism Awareness Month Graphic

Party Under the Big Top Buttons Collage


Oh, in case you forgot or didn’t stop by last week… We have ALL NEW Party Under the Big Top Buttons and an I was a Featured Act Buttons! Check them out below and grab the HTML codes for your blog post(s), website, or party page today! This week, Mike and the Sunshine Dad’s buttons are REALLY BRAND NEW as he is self-hosting his site now and just launched it yesterday! There is a new address for Sunshine Dad and you can find this AWESOME new site at! Be sure to show some blogger LOVIN‘ while visiting his new site!


Sunshine Dad
Sunshine Dad

This post may contain affiliate links. I receive a small profit when you purchase products through these links, there is no extra cost to you. The words, thoughts, and opinions expressed within this post are 100% mine! Also, the images throughout this post come from several different sources so please click on them to find out the original source. Thanks!

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Here at the Party Under the Big Top it is a 3-Ring Circus each and every week with TWO linky parties and our THREE Featured Acts in the spotlight. First, you’ll “meet” the Ringmasters (Co-Hosts), then in this order you will find: The Featured Acts, Blog Post Linky, Rules for Feeding Circus Animals, the InLinkz Widget to link-up your Blog Posts, Social Media Linky,Concession Stand Menu, and last the InLinkz Widget to link-up your Social Media links.

You will find all of the rules and information you need in the Rules About Feeding Circus Animals and the Concession Stand Menu for both of the InLinkz link-ups! We will Tweet each post linked up to the party and will also Pin each post to the Party Under the Big Top Board.

Comments on the Ringmasters posts are always appreciated and welcome! Please spread the word about Party Under the Big Top and help to make it not only “The GREATEST Blog Party on the Internet,” but the BIGGEST one TOO?!? Tell your friends and share this post on social media… Like the CIRCUS CLOWNS say about their car… The more the merrier!

Image of Circus Clowns in a car

The Ringmasters

Mike from Sunshine Dad's Bio Picture

Mike from Sunshine Dad Blog

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Sunshine Dad’s Website

2Mike's Family Bio Collage


I consider myself to be a typical dude. I love football, I hunt, I fish, I do my own car repairs, I’m a member of Mad Cowford Improv group, if I need a handyman I go into the garage and get my tools, I do my own yard work, I carry a pocket knife, I love all things electronic, I believe the Bible is true, I’m a die-hard Florida Gator fan, I shave a couple of times a month, I cried during The Notebook, I build furniture out of old pallets… You know, all the typical guy stuff.

I also just so happen to be a stay at home dad of 4.

Nearly everyday of my life holds a new adventure, whether I’m ready for it or not.

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Lysa from Welcome to My Circus

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Welcome to My Circus’ Website

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A Little About Lysa In Her Own Words…

Ciao my name is Lysa, I’m a former Newspaper Reporter, a Book Author, Award Winning Poetry Writer, Mother of four, Wife, Nona (Grandma) of five with one on the way, Maid, Taxi Cab Driver, Cook, Nurse, and Referee just to name a few! I write about all of the silly, crazy, and it could only happen to me things that occur in my life. Which often have me claiming that my life is seriously like a CIRCUS…But, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

The Featured Acts

Featured Acts Image

Each week the Ringmasters will introduce you to the FEATURED ACTS in this 3-RING CIRCUS. The blog posts that have the SECOND and THIRD MOST views from the week before are the ACTS in the two END RINGS and in our CENTER RING is the ACT with THE MOST blog post views. All THREE Featured Acts will be shared on both of the Ringmasters’ Social Media and will be used to help promote the#BigTopBlogParty the week they are being featured!

The Featured Acts in the End Rings

Blog Post with the Third Most Views

'Our adventure to see Justin and Mr. Tumble' by Nigel from over at DIY Daddy Header Graphic for Party Under the Big Top

'Our adventure to see Justin and Mr. Tumble' Header Graphic for Party Under the Big Top2

‘Our Adventure To See Justin And Mr. Tumble’

Coming in third this week is our first featured dad blogger, Nigel from DIY Daddy with Our Adventure To See Justin And Mr. Tumble.‘ A blog post that has “circus acts including juggling, unicycles and lots of tricks,” just HAD to be featured on the Party Under the Big Top, the #BigTopBlogParty right?!?! Well, that’s what ALL of YOU said by clicking on the link! ‘Our Adventure To See Justin And Mr. Tumble‘ is about Nigel’s family adventure into town for lunch, shopping and of course the LIVE performance of his twins favorite show on CBeebies. If you haven’t read his post yet what are you waiting on?!?! Head over there to read it now. I loved it and sure you will too!

Blog Post with the Second Most Views

'Stay at Home Moms Just Don't Get It...' by Casey from over at Dashboard Dad Header Graphic for Party Under the Big Top

Stay At Home Moms Just Don't Get It Image

‘Stay at Home Moms Just Don’t Get It…’

Coming in second this week is our second featured dad blogger Casey from Dashboard Dad with ‘Stay at Home Moms Just Don’t Get It…‘ This is a post that will get your blood boiling and have you seeing red… Until about half way through, when he lets you in on a little secret. If you haven’t done so already go check it out and see what Casey really thinks about stay at home moms!

Blog Post with THE MOST VIEWS

'Four Mommy Wars That Should End' by Yanique from over at Kiddie Matters Header Graphic for Party Under the Big Top

Four Mommy Wars That Should End Image for Party Under the Big Top

‘Four Mommy Wars That Should End’

The big winner this week, showing the boys how it’s done, is Yanique from Kiddie Matters with ‘Four Mommy Wars That Should End.’ This is one of those instant classics that should be mandatory reading for all parents who participate in social media. The Mommy Wars are getting out of hand and Yanique breaks down FOUR (4) of the big battles that need to STOP IMMEDIATELY! Give it a read and see if you are guilty of any of these yourself.

If you were/are one of our Featured Acts, please grab the HTML for our Button and place it on your blog:


Sunshine Dad

Copy and paste the above HTML to display our Party Button on your blog!

Blog Post Linky

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NOTE: When you add your link to Party Under the Big Top along with your email, it will be used to send you a weekly email only used as a way to send you an invitation to join us for the Party Under the Big Top. Linking up also means you are confirming that you own the rights to the photo(s) you are using in your post(s) or that the photo(s) is/are in the creative commons/public domain. It also means that you give Sunshine Dad and Welcome to My Circus the right to share your blog posts, pictures, and URL links if they are chosen as one of the Featured Acts on Party Under the Big Top, or any other upcoming posts, promotions, etc. related to Party Under the Big Top. Any content used will always be given proper credit and link backs will also be provided! Thank you! xx Mike and Lysa

Please grab our party button to display it on your blog or party page!


Sunshine Dad

Copy and paste the above HTML to display our Party Button on your blog!

Rules for Feeding Circus Animals

Rules for Feeding Circus Animals Image

Now just don’t sit there in the Grandstands after you link-up the Party Under the Big Top WANTS you to participate. Below you will find ALL of the rules and etiquette:


Any Topic and Any Niche Are Welcome to Link-Up.
Family Friendly Posts ONLY
You may link-up THREE (3) blog posts per person/blog!
Enter the LINK to your blog post(s) and NOT your homepage!
We ask that you visit and leave a meaningful comment on, at least, THREE (3) blog posts before the party closes! Please use our unique hash-tag when commenting, #BigTopBlogParty!
Please FOLLOW both of the Ringmasters on Social Media as well as their blogs!

We ask that you place our party BUTTON, above, in the posts you link-up, add it to your party page, or link back in some way to our party.

  Social Media Linky   Link-Up Your Bloglovin' Profiles Here The Ringmasters will choose a different form of social media EACH WEEK to link-up to… Be sure to check back every TUESDAY to see which one they choose for the week!

For The Week Of April 14th Link-Up Your Pinterest Profiles!!!!

    Concession Stand Menu   Concession Stand Menu Image Grab some circus peanuts, popcorn, sno-cones, and a refreshing beverage while you are here at the CONCESSION STAND because it’s time for some more fun and to link-up your social media links… But first we have some ground rules for you to follow: Mike and Lysa would LOVE it if you would please FOLLOW them on social media, if you haven’t already that is! ;-) Enter the URL to your Social Media Profile this week and NOT your homepage or a blog post those will be deleted! Be sure to follow, at least, THREE (3) of the other people linked up and ONE (1) MUST BE THE PROFILE LINKED UP BEFORE YOU. If you’re already following everyone that’s linked up, please let us know by leaving a comment below.

Now it’s time to add your Social Media link for your:





We hope you had a great time here at Party Under the Big Top! Share the word by telling ALL of your friends and sharing this post on social media to help us make this party BIG!!!! Don’t forget about what the CIRCUS CLOWNS say about their car… The more the merrier, especially when you Party Under the Big Top, at the #BigTopBlogParty! We hope to see you right here for the party next week as we bring you ACT ELEVEN on Tuesday, April 21, 2015 at 12:00 a.m. EST!

Circus Clowns in Car Image

Wishing you a FABULOUS week!

Until next time…

Mike and Lysa

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