Party Under the Big Top #17

So here we are after a week off with another Party Under the Big Top. If you happened to catch my post yesterday, you’ll know today is my 35th birthday (as I had a peek below I see Lysa gave me quite the surprise b-day shout out! Thank you Lysa!!) It’s been a nice and relaxing day around the house.

I’m excited to see what you guys link up this week. And as you see who the top posts were last week, you’ll notice that the Dad Bloggers swept the Party. I fully expect the women to pull together this week and show the fellas how it’s done! 🙂

Please read below where Lysa talks about why there was no party last week and how it will continue in the future. Also, please take our little questionaire/survey it would greatly help us in preparing this link-up in the future.

Have a great week everyone.

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Happy Birthday Mike

Today, June 9th, just so happens to be someone’s Birthday here at Party Under the Big Top and since birthday’s are a really BIG DEAL to ME, Lysa, I had to make a BIG DEAL about this birthday because if it wasn’t for HIS birthday HE wouldn’t be in my life as my FRIEND, & my FANTABULOUS Co-Ringmaster/Co-Host!!

That’s right it’s Mike’s Birthday! Sooooo would you all, meaning EACH and EVERY one of you reading this, join ME and RUN, NOT WALK, over to Sunshine Dad’s Website to wish HIM a very Happy Birthday?! What do you say?! Obviously it’s not a secret now that I’ve given HIM the HTML to this post but I know HE did NOT expect it!! I haven’t said a single word about knowing today is HIS birthday! HA! Thank you for helping ME make this a special birthday for MIKE! xx Lysa


1The #BigTopBlogParty Under the Top of a Big Top Tent

Last week there was not an episode of Party Under the Big Top because Lysa had some medical issues that required her to go to the hospital. So, we want to apologize for not publishing a party post last week! Lysa is doing better this week however she is not 100% herself yet.

This has made us re-think a few things and make a few changes here at Party Under the Big Top. The FIRST change is that Lysa cannot commit, at this point and time anyway, to being able to publish the party post every Monday night at 9:00 PM MST AZ, which is 12 AM EST. PLEASE DO NOT misunderstand stand the party WILL continue EVERY week but all she can commit to is that the party will go LIVE every Tuesday but not at a set time, for now at least. We hope you understand.

The SECOND change is with the Second Linky we have every week. You see, participation has been LOW lately, almost non-existent, in the Second Linky. So, after discussing what our options were and what we could/should do with it we decided that we would NOT be including it in the party for a few weeks. At least until we decide what in the world we want and/or need to do with it OR if we just want to remove it permanently from the party altogether.

So in short, the Second Linky is not at the end of the post this week and will not be there NEXT week either. That’s all we know for sure right now but we will keep you posted of course.

Now for the THIRD well it’s not a change but then again it sort of is… It is more of a favor maybe?! What the heck we’ll go with that… Mike & Lysa have a favor to ask you! No worries it’s nothing huge I mean it’s not like we’re asking you to help us move to a third story apartment or anything. LOL

Would You, Could You, PLEASE Take A Short Survey About Party Under the Big Top For Us?!

It’s only 10 questions and more than half of them are multiple choice. For us to know which direction to go with Party Under the Big Top and that Second Linky we figured who better to ask than all of YOU, the people who participate in the linky party on a regular basis right?! RIGHT!! So, we are asking YOU to let us know exactly what it is that YOU want and/or need in a linky party each week!
You can either → CLICK HERE ← to take the survey OR you can take the survey in the widget ↓ BELOW ↓ Thank you in advance for taking the survey and giving us your thoughts, suggestions, and opinions about what YOU need in a linky party!

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0Party Under the Big Top A blog post linky party with three Featured Acts...

A Little Bit About THE #BigTopBlogParty…

Party Under the Big Top is a UNIQUE Circus-Themed Linky Party where it literally is a 3-Ring Circus each and every week with our 3 Featured Acts in the spotlight in the Two End Rings as well as the Center Ring. You will “meet“ The Ringmasters (Co-Hosts), Mike and Lysa, below and right after that they will introduce you to the Featured Acts which consist of the Top 3 blog posts with the MOST VIEWS during the party the week before. As you scroll your way through the #BigTopBlogParty, you will find the InLinkz link-up for you to add your blog post links. Also, you will find ALL of the details as well as the rules for the link-up in the section called Rules About Feeding Circus Animals directly above the linky itself! The Ringmasters will Tweet and Pin, to the Party Under the Big Top Board on Pinterest, each blog post that links-up to the party!

Comments on The Ringmasters posts are always appreciated and welcome! Please spread the word about Party Under the Big Top and help to make it not only “The Greatest Linky Party on the Internet,” but the BIGGEST one too! Please tell your friends about the #BigTopBlogParty and share this post on ALL of your social media as well. Like the CIRCUS CLOWNS say about their car… The more the merrier!

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I also just so happen to be a stay at home dad of 4.

Nearly everyday of my life holds a new adventure, whether I’m ready for it or not.

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1The #BigTopBlogParty Under the Top of a Big Top Tent0 3-RingCircusFrom Mary0

Each week the Ringmasters will introduce you to the Featured Acts in this 3-Ring Circus. The blog posts that have the Second and Third MOST views from the week before are the Acts in the Two End Rings and in our Center Ring is the Act with THE MOST blog post views.

1The #BigTopBlogParty Under the Top of a Big Top Tent010 Third Views0Thirsty Daddy Featured in Act 17

‘Stop Trying to Scare Me Internet’

By: Jeremy from Chronicles of a Thirsty Daddy

There was a TIE for the post with the THIRD most views during Act 16 two weeks ago. In no particular order the First of the Two posts that TIED for the Third Most Views was Jeremy from Chronicles of a Thirsty Daddy with ‘Stop Trying to Scare Me Internet’. He talks about the viral video that you’ve likely seen of a man walking off with children at a playground using a puppy as a way to show parents that it’s easy to lure kids away. Jeremy insists he’s plenty scared every day on his own without scare tactic videos making it worse. It’s an interesting perspective and one I recommend reading.

0Going Dad Collage Featured in Act 17

‘I Didn’t Have To Write This’

By: R.C. from Going Dad

The Second post that TIED for the Third Most Views was from R.C. from Going Dad with I Didn’t Have to Write This’. He talks candidly about some tough decisions he’s had to make lately about his blog and a little bit of soul searching to maintain the integrity of his site. It’s a refreshing look at the decisions that bloggers often have to make when deciding on the direction of their site and dealing with brands.

1The #BigTopBlogParty Under the Top of a Big Top Tent010 Second Views0Skipah's Realm Featured in Act 17

‘Welcome to the Jungle’

By: Gary from Skipah’s Realm

The post that came in with the SECOND most views was from Gary at Skipah’s Realm with ‘Welcome to the Jungle’. In his witty style of snark and humor that we’ve all come to love he talks about his weekend events at a fundraiser and hanging out with his daughter. He also shares about an infestation he found and the home remedy he used to eradicate the little demonic Sith Lords, er I mean completely harmless bugs.

1The #BigTopBlogParty Under the Top of a Big Top Tent010 Most Viewed0Dashboard Dad Collage Featured in Act 17

‘What Are You Thankful For?’

By: Casey from Dashboard Dad

Coming in with the most views (cue the song “Let’s hear it for the Boys” and start the Footloose montage) and completing the dad bloggers sweep is Casey from Dashboard Dad with ‘What are you Thankful For?’

Sorry To Interrupt This Featured Act But Lysa Has An Important Message for Mike That Just Can’t Wait!!

Ask And YOU Shall Receive. Well, At Least On Your Birthday That Is!! Here Is MY Present To YOU

Bwahahaha! I hope I’m not the ONLY one who found this funny…

Now, Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Featured Act…

Coming in with THE MOST Views is Casey from Dashboard Dad with ‘What are you Thankful For?’ In a title that seems like it should be reserved for Thanksgiving he talks about his children’s bedtime routine, or more specifically lack thereof. He explains that yes they have a few things that always happen but evenings are not rigid in their house and he loves the opportunities that creates for him and his boys.

Sorry Casey for interrupting your moment in the spotlight but I just couldn’t resist adding the video after reading what Mike wrote in his opening paragraph up there! But on a more serious note, Never mind I won’t fool anyone by adding that… To make it up to you and everyone else you’ll find the video from the post ‘What Are You Thankful For?’ ↓ below ↓ After you’re done watching it please head over to Dashboard Dad to read the whole post and to tell him how precious his boys are! 😉

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Now please just don’t sit there in the Grandstands after you link-up to the Party Under the Big Top because we WANT you to participate. Now for ALL of the RULES and the PARTY ETIQUETTE:


Any Topic and/or Niche Is Welcome to Link-Up
Family Friendly Posts ONLY
PLEASE, NO Reviews and/or Giveaways
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Enter the LINK to your blog post(s) NOT the link to your homepage
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We hope you had a great time here at Party Under the Big Top! Share the word about this FUN & UNIQUE linky party by telling ALL of your friends and sharing this post on social media to help us make this party BIG!!!! Don’t forget about what the CIRCUS CLOWNS say about their car… The more the merrier, especially when you Party Under the Big Top, at the #BigTopBlogParty! 😉 We hope to see you right here next week for ACT 18 on Tuesday, June 16, 2015!

Until next week... Mike & Lysa

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Sunshine Dad Blog

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2 thoughts on “Party Under the Big Top #17”

  1. Just wanted to rush over here and say Happy Birthday! I’d look pretty stupid not being one of the first people to do so since I did ask everyone else to join me! Hope you are having a FANTABULOUS time celebrating your birthday and that you had an AMAZING day!

    You know you could always act like me and declare this week your birthday week so that your birthday lasts a little longer! 😉 With my birthday right after Christmas I start the countdown of how many shopping days until my birthday the day after Christmas. I always thought it was funny but now it kind of sounds obnoxious… Anyway, Enjoy what is left of your special day and we will continue to act as if it is your birthday until next week’s party!

    Much love,
    Lysa xx

  2. Awesome, I didn’t know I was a featured act again, but that makes my day, even if it was a tie…….again!

    Happy 35th, Mike, June birthdays (mine was the 8th) rock! Go Summer! Glad to have the party back this week!

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