Potty Training Books Didn’t Mention This

My 2 year old daughter has been pulling the time honored tradition of trying to delay eating certain foods at dinner time by claiming she has to go to the bathroom.  We have gotten wise to her games and usually remember to make sure she goes right before dinner so when she asks again in 10 minutes we can say, “No, you just went.”

Occasionally we will forget to make her go right beforehand or she will give such a convincing performance with her bathroom pleas that we will let her go during dinner. It really only seems to be in our own best interest to err on the side of caution with this. To her credit, I can’t remember a time that she said she had to go and then didn’t produce.

Well the other night I was home alone with the kids and we were sitting down for dinner. She was picking at her food and trying not to eat it and complaining that her stomach was hurting. I honestly can’t remember if I had her go to the bathroom before dinner or not but her incessant begging finally wore me down and I let her go to the bathroom during dinner. Not to get too graphic here, but she ended up having a bowel movement that was significantly softer than you would ideally want.

I began to think maybe her stomach really had been hurting her and hopefully now she would feel a little better. She returned to the table and continued slowly eating. The boys finished up first and I was getting them set up with some books in the living room while she was taking her final bites.

I heard her get down from the table and she walked over to me in the living room and as matter-of-factly as you can possibly say she looked right at me and calmly said:

“Daddy, I just gas-pooped”

“What?” I wasn’t 100% sure I heard her correctly. I was hoping I hadn’t heard her correctly. This is not a term we use in our house. This is not a term I have ever heard. Yet somehow I knew exactly what she meant. I needed to confirm. “You gas-pooped?”


“Right now? In your pants?” Why was she so calm?


I looked at her, she had no emotions about it. I couldn’t tell if she was serious or not. I told her to come over and turn around so I could look in the back of her pants.

Sure enough. Not only had she coined a new term, she was unfortunately telling the truth. Poor girl was having some stomach issues. I got her cleaned up and a little while later at bed time I made sure to put a pull-up on her just in case.

Good thing I did because a couple hours later I heard her little voice call out to me in the night:

“Daddy….I gas-pooped again”

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8 thoughts on “Potty Training Books Didn’t Mention This”

    1. Oh man, you’re not kidding!
      I’m lucky she did it at home too since I’ve stopped carrying a change of clothes for her in my bag. Maybe I should rethink that (for all the kids).

  1. Definitely not a phrase you want to hear at the dinner table (or anywhere else really!) – hope the “gas pooping” was short-lived. Thanks for sharing with #ftmob

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