Product Review: Stove Top Cleaner

Glass stove tops can be nightmares to clean.  I don’t know what makes those burned on stains so impossible to get off.  Over the years I have tried a handful of glass cook top cleaners as well as various home remedies involving vinegar, baking soda or lemon juice. Nothing really seemed to work much better than water.

Then one fateful afternoon nearly a year ago, my mother-in-law brought over Glass Cook Top Heavy Duty Cleaner & Polish by Weiman.  She said she had found this to be the best stove cleaner she had ever used. Low and behold the stuff worked amazingly.  We had stains I had long since given up on just wipe away.

Since then I have yet to encounter a stain it hasn’t effortlessly wiped off.  It handles burned on food, sauces, grease, etc. You spill it, it’ll clean it off. I’m not sure what magic formula they are using in the bottle, I just know it works. So if you have a glass stove top I’d encourage you to pick some of this up. I can find it in my local Publix supermarket.

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