Six Essential Factors to Consider when Looking for an Audio Interface for Music Recording or Podcasting

The Audio interface is regarded as the nucleus of any home based recording studio on computer and it is crucially essential to come up with the proper selection so you can obtain the most effective outputs since an improper choice will restrict you in what you are eyeing to obtain with your kind of music.

Apart from cost-efficient measures, there are several other factors that you have to consider before you shell out your hard earned money to fulfill that purpose to obtain a good music recording. Listed below are some essential factors to consider when buying an Audio Interface for Music recording:

  • Are you looking for a boxed external audio interface of an internal sound card? For newbies, an initial setup comprising of an internal sound card in a built-in computer is an efficient choice. However, it should be compatible with the specifications of the computer. As far as money matter goes, this can be a cost-efficient choice because you are in a way eradicating case and controls so you are paying less. You are just limited to inputs and outputs because sound card is specifically small. But, knowledge in installation is a must so you will not pay extra for set-up fees.


On the other hand, an outdoor Interface is basically easier to set-up and operate. Basically, you are paying more because you are acquiring knobs and cases, cables and wire and some panel indicators to know that the device is up and running. Another benefit is the easy connection and removal to a laptop which appears to be a commonplace as CPU speeds have optimized.


  • What type of music are you intending to record? Generally, what you are eyeing to record will come up with a large impact on your selection of Audio Interface. For example, if you want to utilize a guitar and voice for recording, you can use a single channel USB. You just have to equip it with fundamental light recording software. If you want to record an entire band with separate microphones for all elements, and you want to feed these into your computer system, then a multi channel interface suits well for you. Some has 8 ports while other has 16 ports. Pick what suits you.


  • Do you want to work around MIDI in the future? Another factor to consider is if you are thinking of working with MIDI in which case you would select an interface that incorporates both features.


  • Are you intending to record while travelling at the same time? If yes, you have to consider a portable Audio Interface Unit that is easy and rugged to initialize and operate. There are several manufacturers that produce Audio Interfaces that operates via firewire or USB and simply plug it in your laptop and run without the need of an external power supply. You could simply record in the middle of the sea if you really want to.


  • Consider your operating system which you will utilize as your basic running element. Windows, MAC, Linux; a lot of Audio Interface will work on both Windows and Apple Systems and quite a handful will play better with Linux but you will have to check out the Linux community review to know what’s the best updated system. On the other hand, USB 2.0 is the most common connector for a lot of the smaller interfaces and it operates reasonable well. Firewire is dependable and MAC-friendly as compared to windows since not all firewire card installed in windows operating system operate without an issue.


  • Type of recording software you want to use. You can basically obtain a good deal that is bundled with music software. Majority of the Audio Interfaces will work with any of the primary DAW programs that are in the market. You have to consider this factor if you are having a particular item in mind. The software should be compatible with your desired Audio Interface.


CONCLUSION: Choosing the proper Audio Interface destined for your recording preferences will save you not only significant amount of time but more importantly with frustration and disappointment because you will have a chance to operate quickly and the technical aspect will be addressed even before initialization. Make time for a thorough research before you buy and it will surely come out to be an effective one.


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  1. We just bought an 8 channel input mixer for relatively cheap on amazon for our upcoming podcast – still getting the hang of everything but it’s fun to learn – thanks for the insight Sunshine Dad! Hope all is well!

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