Six Pack Fitness, The Envy of all SAHDs

You may recall a few weeks ago when I posted about Six Pack Fitness in my post about Comedy For Critters. They generously donated an Innovator 300 Meal Management Bag. Because of their donation and the donation of others we were able to raise more than $10 Thousand for local animal shelters. So I want to say thank you for that.

They also sent me an Expedition Backpack 500 to formally review. It’s designed for health conscious individuals who want an innovative way to transport their meals and gym equipment. Now, I’ll admit that I’m not someone to be confused for a “health conscious individual” but I was over-the-moon excited to have a way to transport my 5 kids’ lunches with me in a more organized way than just throwing them all in a bag and hoping they weren’t smashed by the time we needed to eat.

The removable meal core comes with 5 snap lid containers which is perfect for our lunches. I can pack up a lunch for each kid before we leave and they are good to go when it comes time to eat.

Expedition Backpack 500 Meal core

This was a little light lunch I packed for the kids (and myself since the baby only drinks milk) on our recent trip to the neighborhood pool. When the kids said they were hungry I just whipped out a container and we were in business.

Six Pack Fitness Lunch

For this trip to the pool, I removed the meal core bag and used it like a lunch box. We have a pool bag with all the other stuff we needed at the pool so I didn’t necessarily need to bring the whole Expedition Backpack 500 with me.

On our recent trip to the zoo, that was a different story. I needed to bring diapers, wipes, a bottle for the baby, water bottles for everyone else, a change of clothes for the baby and a blanket. I was able to fit it all into the Expedition Backpack 500 plus the meal core with our lunches.

Expedition Backpack 500

My Aunt was visiting us for a few days and she accompanied us to the zoo. When it was time for lunch, we found a shady table and I started passing out lunches.

Six Pack Fitness Expedition Backpack 500

It was perfect. I’ve really enjoyed this backpack. It can hold a ton of stuff and is really comfortable to wear. I love the flexibility of the meal core. I can use the meal core by itself as a lunchbox or I can slide it into the backpack. I can, of course, use the backpack without the meal core too.

If the meal core is in, then I have easy access to all my snap lid containers plus I can still fit in the baby’s bottle on one side, my water bottle on the other side and some diapers and such in the middle.


When the core is in the pack, it does take up a lot of room but there is still room on each side, in the back and on top to fit quite a few other items.

SONY DSC If you remove the core then you have a huge amount of space in the bag and you can choose to use it two different ways. You can scrunch the meal core liner to the side and have one huge inner compartment:SONY DSC

Or you can keep the meal core pouch as is and have 2 seperate larger compartments:


There is ample room for a large laptop or tablet:

SONY DSC And there are several soft lined pockets for mp3 players or phones:

six pack fitness Another great feature is the heavily padded back and straps. It’s nice to know that even if you load yourself up it is going to be comfortable all day long on your back!SONY DSC

The Expedition Backpack 500 really delivered and I’m excited about my new “Manly Diaper Bag.” Head over to Six Pack Fitness and check out their full line of bags. They even have tote bags designed specifically for women that look fantastic! Whatever your needs are, Six Pack Fitness can meet them.

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