Sleepsie Like A Baby

Now that winter is in full swing here in Florida it means temperatures are dropping into the low 60s. And when it gets that cold, it’s hard to get out of bed. Oh, I’m only teasing. Florida winters are mild compared to much of the rest of the country but it can get cold here. And no one really likes to be cold, especially when you’re sleeping.

I was fortunate enough to have Baby Deedee send me a pair of sleepsie pajamas for my youngest to test out. (Well, he was my youngest when they sent them to me, he’s now my second youngest.) These pajamas are really sweet. They look cool and I’ll get to that later, but the best part is their easy zip feature. They have a zipper that runs from the inside of one ankle up the leg and down to the inside of the other ankle. This makes diaper changes super easy and lets the waist up stay nice a cozy inside the pajamas.

Check out how easy it is to change a diaper on a chilly night in the Sleepsie:


You can see in the picture above the green zipper running from ankle to ankle.


Here it is once you zip out the legs. As you can see, his torso and arms are able to stay nice and toasty and while I change his diaper and get him back in action in no time.

As a bonus, the PJ’s also look really cool. They are made from a super soft quilted cotton. It’s a really nice look that sets them apart from other pajamas.


Here you can see the quilting. I just want to cuddle him to my face every time he wears these. The elbow and knee patches add a fun pop of color. They have non-slip feet on them too, which is helpful on our tile and wood floors.


All in all, I think these Sleepsie Pajamas by Baby Deedee are wonderful. They have all types of other sleepwear too from sleep nests to sleep kickers. Head over to their website at and check it out.

Baby Deedee did send me a pair of pajamas at no cost to test out. I wasn’t paid and I wasn’t told what to write.

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