Stop Slingin’ Poo

I was recently sent a Clean Hands Changing Pad by SnoofyBee to review. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to think when I first heard about this changing pad. My first thought was it looked like one of those cone shaped collars that keep dogs from licking/biting themselves.  But once I opened it up and gave it a try, I was hooked!

This changing pad was created by a dad who got tired of his baby putting her hands into the dirty diaper while he was changing it. He came up with a way to prevent a baby’s hands from being able to get down there. I will say after 4 kids I have been rather fortunate that none of my kids did that on a regular basis. It has happened, of course, and when it does it’s nasty. It made my list of untold horrors of parenting.

While my 4th child doesn’t usually reach his hands down into his diaper while I’m changing him very often, he does try to roll and squirm a whole lot. I’ve noticed that when I have him in the SnoofyBee he lays much more still. I decided to make a little demo video of the changing pad in action. I apologize the video has some static.

I am quite impressed with the quality and the design. It is a very well thought out design that works wonderfully. I would not be surprised if this is standard in all diaper bags within the next couple years.

One worry I had with this was would my son hate being inside the pad. It turns out he thinks its hilarious. I always give him some sort of toy to play with and he thinks its a funny game. My older kids have even come up after I changed him and laid down on the pad and wanted me to wrap it around them because it looked like fun.

They are currently running a kickstarter campaign where you can back their project and get one of the first ones they make shipped to you. You can also save a few dollars in the process because they are offering the pads below retail.  It would be perfect for you or for a gift if you know anyone who is expecting or has a child in diapers currently. Go check them out, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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