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Stop Talking

My second son loves train tracks. Specifically, riding over them in the car. You cannot believe how excited he gets to go over a train track. Every single time we go over a railroad crossing he acts like it’s the greatest moment of his life. The bumpier the crossing is the more he gets excited. My parents live a few counties over and we must cross over 5 crossings to get to their house. He times out the drive by how far away we are from the next railroad crossing.

I have started to catch the railroad crossing excitement and I’ve been whooping and hollering as we cross over the tracks. On this particular trip to my parents we were approaching the first track and I started to hype it up for the boys. My son then calls out to me:

“Don’t say anything.”

He had never asked me to stop yelling as we cross over the tracks before so I quickly started to run through ideas about why today was different. I remembered my oldest son had told us the other day about how all the students have to be quiet on his school bus when it gets to a railroad crossing so the bus driver can stop and listen for trains. I figured he was going to say something along the lines of needing to listen for the trains. I asked him why he didn’t want me to shout. He responded:

“Don’t shout because then I can’t hear me when I shout”

Ha! He didn’t care anything about safety, he just likes the sound of his own voice. I guess at 3 years old he isn’t so different than anyone else. We all seem to like the sound of our own voice don’t we?

Let’s just hope we have something worth saying.

5 thoughts on “Stop Talking”

  1. Another good post. Ask Casey about the rumble strips on the road approaching Hwy 301 when I would drive him and a few of his teammates to Pop Warner football practice in Hawthorne. The Zoo post was great.

  2. Love this!! I was reminded as a kid when we would drive to New Jersey and we would cross a track… Seemed so new and interesting that the train wasn’t elevated or underground! From your description, I could just imagine the scene in the car…I smiled the whole way through reading and yeah, I agree we all do like the sound of our own voices!
    Bravo as always!

    1. I can only imagine what we look like from the outside! Screaming like we’re on a roller coaster or something. 🙂 Those kids are fun. They help me to relive childhood!

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