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In the scheme of things I haven’t been blogging very long, just over 6 months but in that time I have learned a lot and I have seen the blog grow and gain some good momentum. I never could have imagined the support I would have from people all over the world reading my posts and commenting (and from people who choose to tell me face to face that they enjoy reading my posts). I wanted to share a few of my successes.

One of my favorite honors to date was recently being named one of the Top 7 Dad Bloggers to Follow in 2015 by The Dad Network.  I’m not sure if they were in any particular order but I was listed at #2. The Dad Network, which is out of the UK, has networked with 100s of other dad bloggers, so for them to pick me in a top 7 list was quite the honor.

As I’m also sure you have noticed, I have been promoting myself over at That is a ranking website that was originally created years back to rank all the Mommy Blogs at but they have since expanded to have a section for Dad Bloggers. It is essentially a never ending popularity contest to see who gets the most votes each month. The website is well known and brands will go there to find bloggers to work with to try out their goods and services.

Thanks to you guys, my wonderful readers, I am currently the number 1 ranked Dad Blogger and (as of the time when I wrote this) the number 46th ranked parent blogger overall out of 5401 blogs! That sort of boggles my mind. So the next time you see me asking you to “click/vote” on this image:Click to vote for me @ Top Daddy Blogs // Dad Blogs Directory you’ll know a little more what that’s about. All you have to do is click the image, their website can track where the click came from and counts it as a vote for me. They let you vote once a day. They also have a changing icon if you are a top 50 overall parent blogger that supposedly changes to update your actual ranking. This is it here, you can see if I’m still at the number 46 spot or not.Top Mommy Blogs - Click To Vote!


I have also been nominated by a few other bloggers for a several awards and have been featured by a few other Dad Bloggers on their blogs. You can see here where I was featured on DIY Daddy and where I was featured on the Plaid Dad Blog.

Another place where I have been regularly featured is the website The Goodmen Project. I have been featured a total of 11 times. You can see all of my featured articles HERE.  I currently have an article that is being featured today: Why I Refuse to Take These Nine Daddy Duties For Granted.

I am so thankful and  humbled by everyone’s support and I have enjoyed keeping up with this blog. Even though it’s severely cutting into my TV time at night I have enjoyed it. I wish all of you a wonderful week and thank you again for your encouragement and support.

22 thoughts on “Sunshine Dad in the News”

    1. Sometimes I feel like I don’t really know what I’m doing and I’m just “at the right place at the right time” sort of thing. But I’d be happy to share some of the things I try to do to help myself be more successful. (Maybe that should be a future post, I’m always in need of new ideas to write about)

    1. Thanks Gary. It is nice to see a little payoff for the time spent working on the blog. Most of us are ultimately writing for ourselves but it’s still nice when others take notice.

  1. As your aunt, I am biased, but you wrote a super blog, honestly, sharing both the good and the need improvement items positively. I am sure you got that from your parents and not from me. I am proud to call you……….Mike.

  2. I started back in January of this year. It’s been a fun ride and great times connecting with you! Congratulations on the nods from all over!! Keep it up!

  3. Keep up the good work buddy. Proud of you! If anyone deserves a little credit (a lot of credit actually) it’s you. I promise to step my game up so we can be rival daddy bloggers one day. Congrats on the accolades!!!!!!

  4. You must be doing something right, I keep ending up here from other websites, so you must have a few backlinks on your list.

    It’s nothing more than hard work and well deserved. Congratulations.

    1. Thanks. I’ll admit that while I’ve enjoyed blogging, there are times when it does feel more like work than a hobby. But it’s been rewarding to see the hard work pay off.

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