Sunshine Dad Interviewed on Dad Bros Show

I had the pleasure of being invited onto the Dad Bros Show. If you aren’t familiar with their podcast, they are two brothers, Josh & Jon, who also happen to be dads. They talk about dad stuff, tech stuff and other things that they find interesting. 

I had a really fun time being on their show and hope at some point in the future I am able to make a return appearance. So please give a listen and let me know what you think. The show starts off with me and then they go from there. 

You can listen to their podcast two ways. 


Their website: 

Thanks again to the Dad Bros for having me on the show. And thanks to all of you for voting for me as the Top Daddy Blogger. Your clicks/votes are always appreciated. Enjoy your hump day!
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8 thoughts on “Sunshine Dad Interviewed on Dad Bros Show”

  1. Pretty cool man, way to go on the interview! I enjoy listening to podcasts during the day and this is a fun one. That Creepy Spiderman pic you have of one of them is, ummmm, creepy though. 😉

    1. Yeah that pic is super creepy. It’s not one of the guys from the show, they were talking about that guy on this episode.
      It was a lot of fun. I might need to do more interviews/podcasts. 🙂

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