Sunshine Dad Turns One

Exactly one year ago today, I published my first blog post to the world. Of course, I hadn’t told anyone I was starting a blog yet so I think only 2 random people happened to read it that first day. I blogged in secret for a couple weeks before I made my big blog announcement to the world with The Scary Truth About Kids’ Clothes. That post is still to this day my most viewed post of all time.

This happens to be my 150th published post. So much has happened in those 150 posts. I decided to take my first blogiversary and look back at all that has happened in the first year. (I’m not really sure blogiversary is a term, but I’m just going to roll with it.)

I started out on a free wordpress website but back in April I got my own domain and self hosted my site. Well to be totally correct, my wife bought me my domain name for Valentines Day and it took me a few weeks to get the new site all set up.

I got offered my first product review, a backpack, which my 4 year old takes to school now. The product reviews seemed to snowball a bit after that and I have reviewed around a dozen different products. I also had a handful of sponsored posts from varioous companies including Target, Maytag and Aveeno. In total I have received just over $2000 in products, gift cards and payments.

My top 5 viewed posts were:

  1. The Scary Truth About Kids’ Clothes
  2. Don’t Ever Ask a Woman if She’s Pregnant
  3. The Child We Lost
  4. Why is the 2nd Child Crazy?
  5. You Say Breast is Best, I say Pumping is Perfect

(You may notice a slight discrepancy between this list and my most viewed “Wall of Fame” in the sidebar. This is because the Wall of Fame doesn’t include any views from before I went self hosted.)

I joined up over at and thanks to all your support have been the number 1 ranked Dad Blog over there for several months now. I often ask you guys to vote for me at the end of my posts because that is one of the best ways companies and brands can find me to send me products to review or pay me to write posts about them.

I never knew about the blogging community before I started but I have “met” many wonderful people through my blog including Lia, Lysa, Gary, RCMartyn, The Dad Bros and Al just to name a few off the top of my head.

I have been nominated for a few minor blogging awards and have had well over a dozen articles featured on other websites, most notably The Good Men Project and Mamalode. I keep trying to get in with the Huffington Post with no success so if anyone out there has any connections please hook a dad up!

I also want to thank my Aunt Karen who graciously proof reads most of my posts before I post them as a second eye for typos.

I was also contacted by one of the big 3 networks and my family has been asked to be on a Reality TV show starting sometime in the spring. I am not at liberty to fully talk about it yet and we are still working out the details with them to see if it’ll be in the best interest of our family; but it would be super neat if that all worked out.

I’m not exactly sure what the next year will have in store for Sunshine Dad but if it’s anything like the first year, it’s destined to be a great ride. I’ve thought about branching out and doing a few podcasts here and there but I haven’t fully talked myself into it yet. Food for thought.

None of this would have been possible without your support, so from the bottom of my heart I thank you. Every like, comment, share or view you give me is truly appreciated.

Be safe this weekend and have a fun Halloween. And I guess…um…Happy New Year?



8 thoughts on “Sunshine Dad Turns One”

  1. Thanks for the shout out and wow going all “high brow” on us! T.V. show? Congrats on the first year of blogging, and sounds like year two is going to be even more fun!

  2. Congrats my friend. You’ve put a whole lot of hard work into this blog and you’ve earned every bit of success that’s come from it. Keep it up. We all enjoy reading it… even those who don’t push like for some reason.

  3. Hi Sunshine Dad! Happy Sunday! Oh, I am utterly embarrassed for having missed this post! Sorry to reply so late! First off, I wish you a very happy belated blogoversary (yes, I think that is a word, at least here in the blogosphere!) and thank you for the mention of me and my blog in this post!
    I always enjoy reading you and your family makes me smile every time I read…Keep up the great work and here’s to year 2 of your blogging adventures! I love the videos that you’ve recently added too!
    All my very best and have a lovely rest of your weekend!
    Lia 🙂

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