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How to Create a Cleaning Schedule for the Entire Family

Maintaining a clean family home is incredibly important. Cleaner homes are healthier homes, both physically and mentally. The physical benefits are more obvious as regular cleaning eliminates the dust, germs and allergens that wear us down and make us sick. The mental impact should not be ignored, however, as a cluttered environment has been linked to higher stress levels and lower productivity. We probably do not have to convince you that a cleaner home is a happier home. Unfortunately, with hectic schedules and messy kids and pets, keeping the house clean is usually easier said than done. Continue reading How to Create a Cleaning Schedule for the Entire Family

The EasyWring Lives up to its Name

If I were to make a list of my most favorite things, mopping wouldn’t even come close to making the list. On the fun scale from 0 to 100, it’s a 0. But, unless you have wall to wall carpeting over every square inch of your house, it’s a necessary evil. Floors need to be mopped; you might as well use a mop that makes the job easier. As a stay-at-home-dad of 5, I need as much easy as I can get! Continue reading The EasyWring Lives up to its Name

We Cleaned House

I don’t know about you, but nothing gets me more excited than cleaning. I love unwinding after a tough day by doing a little cleaning. OK, fine, that’s a total lie. I hate cleaning. I hate it with a passion. But the reality is, unless you want to live in a pile of filth, cleaning is a necessary part of life.

Cleaners need to have a delicate balance. A cleaner needs to have more cleaning power than water but be less toxic than acid. Continue reading We Cleaned House