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Amazon Prints gives you an amazing way to give your favorite digital pictures a whole new life. $1000 of Amazon Gift Cards to be Won!

Remember when you had to print pictures out before you could see them? It would take weeks before you would know if the picture you took turned out blurry or not…or if your finger was in the way. I remember that, but those days are long gone. Today we can look at the pictures we take instantly.  The problem today is those pictures are dying a slow painful death on a flash drive in a sock drawer somewhere. Thankfully Amazon Prints is here to save the day! Continue reading Amazon Prints gives you an amazing way to give your favorite digital pictures a whole new life. $1000 of Amazon Gift Cards to be Won!

Reclaim Your Backyard with DynaTrap

My family and I have recently moved. It was a local move and we moved to a bigger house with a larger yard. Our back yard has a terrific outdoor space and overlooks a beautiful marsh and creek area. Being that we live in Florida, we were quite concerned about bugs and mosquitoes. We were worried that it could be so bad with the bugs that we wouldn’t even be able to enjoy our great outdoor space. Continue reading Reclaim Your Backyard with DynaTrap

Comfiest contest

I just did a review of  a pair of sleepsie pajamas from Baby Deedee. You can read my full review here. Well, Baby Deedee has agreed to give all my readers 20% off their entire order via this link. If you click there and place your order you will get 20% off, that’s pretty great because they don’t have sales. And what’s even better is they are sponsoring a giveaway. Scroll through all the cute pictures of Luki in his Sleepsie and enter for your chance to win! Continue reading Comfiest contest

Batman Unlimited

I don’t know what it is about Batman that stands the test of time. But he has been one of the most beloved super heros since he was first introduced by DC Comics in 1939. It’s also interesting to note that Batman doesn’t have any special powers, he relies on his intellect and great physical shape to help him fight crime. Every generation seems to have their own version of Batman. Continue reading Batman Unlimited

How do you Stack Up?

When we first got married my wife worked for one year as an elementary school PE teacher. One of their units was all about cup stacking. I grew up playing and excelling in sports. I loved PE; it was my favorite subject every year from Kindergarten to Senior year of High School. (For the record, I did really love Drama too) But I had never heard of stacking cups and it seemed pretty silly to me. Continue reading How do you Stack Up?