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A Dad’s Guide to Packing for the Maternity Ward

As the days are counting down until our fifth baby is due I realized I needed to get my bag ready, the bag that I’ll take with me to the hospital when my wife goes into labor. It’s well documented what you need to take for mom and the baby but dad is often overlooked in all of this.

So I have decided to put together my Dad’s Guide to Packing for the Maternity Ward. Continue reading A Dad’s Guide to Packing for the Maternity Ward

6 Deadly Mistakes All Parents Make

Kids don’t come with a handbook and much of parenting is on the job training. Thankfully for all of you, I have learned a thing or two about being a great parent. As I prepare to become a dad for the 5th time I’ve decided I should share some of my pearls of wisdom with you.

Pay attention as I share this valuable knowledge.  So many parents think they are making good choices for their children but they are in fact making choices that could potentially have deadly consequences. I want to share with you some of the most prevalent mistakes I’ve seen parents make in the hopes that you can avoid them. You’ll probably want to take notes. Continue reading 6 Deadly Mistakes All Parents Make

The Doctor is Here for Your Check-Up

I like to think of myself as still being youthful. In my mind I don’t feel like I should be any older than about 25 or so, but my body is beginning to tell me on a more regular basis that I’m starting to age a little bit more than I want to admit. I’m fortunate that I made it through a whole flag football season this past summer still being able to walk.

Well this last week, I was in the kitchen washing some dishes and my daughter walked in with her doctor’s kit, followed by my youngest son with his doctor’s kit. She asked me if she could give me a check-up. I said yes and paused with the dishes and turned to her. She informed me she was going to have to give me a shot in my finger and to  not cry about it. Continue reading The Doctor is Here for Your Check-Up

Sleep Like A Baby

I have no idea who coined the term “sleep like a baby,” obviously it was someone who never had a baby. Many babies have a very difficult time sleeping for extended periods of time, especially through the night. “Sleep like a teenager” is probably a significantly better term. I’ve seen teens go to bed at 10 pm only to wake up the next day at 2 pm. Now that’s some good sleep!

Obviously a baby isn’t going to be expected to sleep for 14 straight hours but us tired parents can dream, right? Continue reading Sleep Like A Baby

Potty Training Books Didn’t Mention This

My 2 year old daughter has been pulling the time honored tradition of trying to delay eating certain foods at dinner time by claiming she has to go to the bathroom.  We have gotten wise to her games and usually remember to make sure she goes right before dinner so when she asks again in 10 minutes we can say, “No, you just went.” Continue reading Potty Training Books Didn’t Mention This