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How You Can Tell I’m A Stay-At-Home Dad

Stay-at-Home dads are still relatively uncommon. We blend in with the crowd and look almost like any other guy but if you know the signs you can spot us from a mile away.

I’m not trying to start some stereotype war, I’m just trying to have a laugh at myself.  These may or may not be accurate for others but here are the 7 ways you can identify me.

I’m Wearing A Gray T-Shirt

Now it’s not the fact that this shirt is gray or the fact that it’s a t-shirt that gives me away. It’s not even the fact that I’ve got drool on my shoulder from where I was carrying my baby. It’s the fact that it’s the same shirt I wore yesterday. I made a calculated risk that I’m not going to see anyone today that I saw yesterday. It’s these little gambles that keep the laundry pile down. Continue reading How You Can Tell I’m A Stay-At-Home Dad

The Right Changes are Often the hardest

After a few months of blogging about my adventures as a stay-at-home dad, I’ve had to take a few long looks in the mirror and into my soul and ask myself “is this working out?” The resounding answer is no. It seems people don’t want to read funny stories about a super intelligent, incredibly handsome, and all around humble dad. After doing some long hard google researching about topics to switch my blog to I have finally decided to blog about poli-fascism! Continue reading The Right Changes are Often the hardest