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Top Homemade Baby Food Recipes

Cooking for your baby is an entirely new challenge. As your little one learns to experience flavors and textures of new foods for the first time, it is also important that these foods are nutritionally balanced and good for your kid’s health. Here are some of the top homemade baby food recipes that are both delicious and nutritious: Continue reading Top Homemade Baby Food Recipes

10 Tips to Cut Your Grocery Bill

We were sprucing up our budget last month and I realized I had gotten lazy with our grocery budget. I buckled down and starting doing things that worked for us in the past. I’ve decided to share a few of the ways we try to keep our grocery bill as low as possible while feeding 6 people.

Plan Meals for the Week

This might be the number one way we avoid buying stuff we don’t need. We make a menu for the week and buy only the groceries we need to make those meals. I bought an app a while back called Meal Board that makes it very easy to create grocery lists from your meal plan. You can read more about that and other apps I love here. But of course you can do this with pen and paper too Continue reading 10 Tips to Cut Your Grocery Bill

Supernatural Paranormal Kids

You won’t believe what I’m about to say. We’ve all heard the stories about the Bermuda Triangle and we’re well versed with the unexplained goings-on in Area 51, but little to no attention gets paid to the unexplained supernatural paranormal activity that surrounds kids.  It’s a real thing happening all around us everyday. I’ll discuss some of these objects and events that happen most frequently around my house.

Continue reading Supernatural Paranormal Kids