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Playing Cornhole with your Family Can be Great Fun

Cornhole, the game of tossing a beanbag into a hole on a smooth board, is a fun outdoor game. Families across the country play it in their backyards, on camping trips and picnics. It is easy to transport and easy to learn, which makes it a fun family game for all ages.

It’s Easy to Learn

While there is an American Cornhole Association with rules on how to play, the basic premise is straightforward. This is key for families with younger kids who have shorter attention spans. Anyone can pick it up and join in right away. Continue reading Playing Cornhole with your Family Can be Great Fun

Our Summer Was Sweet

At the start of the summer I sat down with the kids and they brainstormed all the things they would love to do over the summer. It was fun for them to dream up places to go and it was helpful for me to know what types of things to plan. I was rather fortunate that they didn’t get too crazy with their ideas and as you can see below we were able to check off most of the items on their list.


rsz_scan08242016 Continue reading Our Summer Was Sweet

A Dad’s Ingenious Way to Beat the Heat

A while back I wrote a letter to Summer encouraging the warm weather to return. Well, the warm weather is finally here. Warm is actually a dramatic understatement, it’s punch-you-in-the-face hot. Ninety plus degrees at 9 am hot. Break a sweat walking across your porch scorcher.

It’s not always this hot, but we’ve had a serious heat wave pass through lately. We’ve been staying inside a bit more than normal but we can’t stay cooped up all day everyday. These kids have energy they need to burn off. I was feeling bad taking them to do anything outside because it was just so hot. Then I had an idea. Continue reading A Dad’s Ingenious Way to Beat the Heat