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Beat the Heat with Culer

If I know anything living in Florida, I know heat. And with the summer in full swing we need all the help we can get to maintain our cool. So when Culer offered to send me an evaporative cooler to test out, I was stoked. I am all for anything that helps me stay cool.

I’m sure the first question you have (I had it myself actually) is: What is an evaporative cooler? I’m glad you asked!  Continue reading Beat the Heat with Culer

A Dad’s Ingenious Way to Beat the Heat

A while back I wrote a letter to Summer encouraging the warm weather to return. Well, the warm weather is finally here. Warm is actually a dramatic understatement, it’s punch-you-in-the-face hot. Ninety plus degrees at 9 am hot. Break a sweat walking across your porch scorcher.

It’s not always this hot, but we’ve had a serious heat wave pass through lately. We’ve been staying inside a bit more than normal but we can’t stay cooped up all day everyday. These kids have energy they need to burn off. I was feeling bad taking them to do anything outside because it was just so hot. Then I had an idea. Continue reading A Dad’s Ingenious Way to Beat the Heat

Reclaiming the Backyard; a review of the NewAir AF-520B Misting Fan

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog at all, you know we love the summer here in the Sunshine State and we’ve been anxiously awaiting its arrival all winter. In fact, not too long ago, I wrote a love letter of sorts to Summer. Needless to say, we are all excited that we can once again enjoy our favorite summer activities.

Now don’t get me wrong; it can get downright HOT here in the summer and sometimes it’s so hot we don’t even want to go out into our backyard.  The kids have some fun ways they can stay cool but these methods aren’t really practical for me. Continue reading Reclaiming the Backyard; a review of the NewAir AF-520B Misting Fan