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6 questions to ask yourself before deciding to have a baby

So you are considering having a baby? Having a baby is a huge decision. One that shouldn’t be made lightly. I’ve compiled a list of a few questions you should ponder in helping you decided if you are ready.

Do I like sleep? 

Once you have a baby you can kiss any good sleep goodbye for quite a while. Continue reading 6 questions to ask yourself before deciding to have a baby

6 Things Toddlers Can Say & Do That Adults Can’t

Rules apply differently to toddlers, as anyone with a toddler can attest. They regularly say and do the most unexpected and socially unacceptable things. Often it’s humorous and innocent since they are just beginning to develop their understanding of the world. As it turns out, they can get away with things that an adult simply cannot. As I’ve watched my kids grow I’ve taken note of several things they (mostly) get away with that I would not be able to.

Announce potty trips

It’s not a big deal for a toddler (especially a recently potty trained toddler) to quit whatever it is they are doing and make a loud proclamation that they are going to the bathroom. They could be in the middle of a game, puzzle or the grocery store when all of a sudden Continue reading 6 Things Toddlers Can Say & Do That Adults Can’t

The Birds and the Trees Sex Talk

There will come a day when I’ll have to have “The Talk” with my boys. The sex talk. The birds and the bees. The “Where do babies come from?” talk. I can’t say I’m necessarily looking forward to it but I’m not overly stressing out about it either. I’ve got a few years before I need to worry about that, it’s certainly not what I had on my mind during lunch today with my 3 and 2 year-olds.

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Don’t touch

Yesterday we had the pleasure of having my wife home for dinner. I was able to play outside with two of our kids and she was inside with the other two making dinner. It was a nice change of pace for me and I really enjoyed getting to play some soccer with our oldest. Once we finally came inside and washed up for dinner I overheard my second oldest son, who stayed inside to help with dinner, call out to my oldest.

“Hey guess what? When mommy told me not to touch the pot, guess what I did?”

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Don’t make me take my pants off

Wednesdays are early release days from school. Often when my oldest is getting home from kindergarten on Wednesdays at least one of the other 3 kids is still napping. The bus stop is just far enough away I don’t feel comfortable letting him walk home by himself yet and I feel awkward leaving a sleeping kid alone in the house. Thankfully my next door neighbor has a 1st grader and she will often walk our two boys back from the bus stop to help me out. Continue reading Don’t make me take my pants off