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4 Good Ways to Get Involved with Your Child’s Sports Team

Kids’ sports are an awesome way for children to learn good fitness habits while socializing with their peers. However, some parents want to make sure that they stay involved in their kids’ extracurricular activities. Here is a brief list of techniques to involve yourself in your children’s sports in a positive way. Continue reading 4 Good Ways to Get Involved with Your Child’s Sports Team

What Do My Kids Hate About me?

I’ve been throwing around the idea of adding more audio/video content to the site here and I’ve decided to try out an idea for a series called “Playground Interviews.” Where I talk to my kids (ideally on the playground) about issues or topics and get their answers. The idea would be to ask them deep or philosophical questions and see how a child would answer (hopefully humorously). Continue reading What Do My Kids Hate About me?

Post Bath Shenanigans

Last night after her bath, Ela started trying to “teach” me something. She was going on and on and being so serious in what she was saying. I was having a hard time not laughing. Every time I tried to do what she was doing she would tell me I was doing it wrong.

I still insist I was doing it exactly like she was and even she wasn’t doing it the same way every time. After a couple of minutes, I decided to get out my phone and see if I could get her to teach me on camera. Continue reading Post Bath Shenanigans