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Post Bath Shenanigans

Last night after her bath, Ela started trying to “teach” me something. She was going on and on and being so serious in what she was saying. I was having a hard time not laughing. Every time I tried to do what she was doing she would tell me I was doing it wrong.

I still insist I was doing it exactly like she was and even she wasn’t doing it the same way every time. After a couple of minutes, I decided to get out my phone and see if I could get her to teach me on camera. Continue reading Post Bath Shenanigans

Keep your kids safe online

This post is sponsored by eKavach

As if parenting wasn’t already hard enough in the real world we also have to make sure we protect our kids in the digital world too. The internet has opened a whole new world of threats to our kids that we need to be aware of, such as cyber bullying, pornography, gambling and sexual predators. Continue reading Keep your kids safe online

The Ultimate Love Letter

The written word can be very powerful. It can be a great way to express love, record memories and give advice. Many parents have started journals or scrapbooks for their children and many others have started blogs. I have recently come across another way to preserve messages you want to pass on to loved ones.

Letters From Me is a service that allows you to store messages and pictures to be viewed at a later time. Letters From Me was started by a dad who was writing letters to his daughters so that they could read them in the future. He was saving them in an e-mail account but then one day the e-mails were lost. He set out to create a better way to save messages for them. The result was Letters From Me. You can read more about his story here.

You can write letters to be read after you have died, or on a special day for the recipient such as graduation, a birthday or a wedding day. There are two way to get messages into your account. You can go to a their webpage and select the tab “Send a Letter” or you can send an e-mail to the address of your account.

This has so many different applications. A spouse could write letters to their significant other and leave the login information in their safety deposit box to be read after passing. A parent could open an account for their child and give the e-mail address to all their family members and they could send letters into the account to be read when the child graduates high school. You could just keep a journal for yourself.

The best part is the service is only $9.99 for life. Without getting too technical, they currently have enough funds locked into escrow accounts that will keep the servers running for 10 years if they never make another sale. So you can rest easy about your data staying put for a long time.

I actually just lied, the best part is they are giving away 5 accounts to 5 of my lucky readers. Enter below, it would even make a great gift to any new parent.

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Good luck everyone. It because you keep clicking and voting for me as a Top Dad Blogger that I am able to bring you contests like this one. So keep voting and maybe one day I can give away a car. Hey, it’s my blog, I’ll dream big if I want to! Thanks for reading have a great rest of your week.

In case you hadn’t guessed, this post was sponsored by Letters From Me.

Listen to me Scream

As many of you know, I have had the pleasure of being on the Dad Bros podcast twice (episode 18 & 36). Earlier this week I had the pleasure of also being on the Screaming Dad’s podcast. As a bonus it was a video podcast so you can actually see me in my dimly lit kitchen.

In this episode I “screamed” about how my kids lose their minds when Continue reading Listen to me Scream

Sleep Like A Baby

I have no idea who coined the term “sleep like a baby,” obviously it was someone who never had a baby. Many babies have a very difficult time sleeping for extended periods of time, especially through the night. “Sleep like a teenager” is probably a significantly better term. I’ve seen teens go to bed at 10 pm only to wake up the next day at 2 pm. Now that’s some good sleep!

Obviously a baby isn’t going to be expected to sleep for 14 straight hours but us tired parents can dream, right? Continue reading Sleep Like A Baby