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Party Under the Big Top #14

Well we are finally live after a little bit of delay. As you may know, my wonderful co-host Lysa does most of the heavy lifting as far as getting this link-up ready every week. Well she has been on an epic road trip the past few weeks and if you’ve ever been on a road trip you know internet is sometimes hard to come by. So we got a late start, but that doesn’t mean our party can’t be great! We’ve extended the end of the link-up until Saturday at noon to make up for the late start.

We’ve also made some changes this week. Instead of our usual Social Media link-up at the bottom we are going to mix it up. We want you to post your most viewed post of all time, whatever that might be. Stop and take a look at others’ most viewed posts and see if you can see any patterns emerging as to what makes a post great.

I know I’m going to be studying them to see if I can write my next “viral” post!

As always don’t forget to comment on a few other posts and link back to us so others can join in too if they want. Have a blessed week!  -Mike Continue reading Party Under the Big Top #14

So, You want to start a blog?

I started my blog a few months ago just as naive as a person could possibly be. I didn’t read any blog regularly and would really only read a blog if someone shared a post on my Facebook timeline. A few people suggested to me from time to time that I start a blog but I kept brushing them off. I didn’t really know the first thing about blogging. Plus in school, I didn’t really like writing. Why would I willingly start writing now?

After hearing several people explain how writing a blog was not to be compared with writing an English term paper and realizing I enjoyed posting some longer Facebook posts, I decided to take the plunge. I started a free blog and wrote in secret for 2 weeks just in case I hated it. Turns out I did kinda enjoy it and I eventually let it be known I had a blog.

As time had past I realized I had no clue what I was getting into and it began to take up more and more of my time. My TV watching really began to take a hit. I’m entire seasons behind on some of my favorite shows. I have no idea how I’m going to ever be able to catch up.

I also found out you have to read all these other blogs. Dozens and dozens of other blogs. It’s sort of a blogger courtesy; you read my blog I’ll read yours. Aside from the incredible amount of time this takes up, some blogs are really bad. Like really bad. Not that I want to go around judging people but sometimes it looks like the person didn’t even try. Like this blog for example or this one.  You have to wade through the bad ones to find some real gems!

Did you really just click on those links to try and see a terrible blog? You should be ashamed. I mean honestly.

The other thing that keeps happening to me is that every time something even remotely funny happens everyone around informs me I’ll have to make a blog post about it. You wouldn’t believe how many things are only funny if you were there.

The thing that trips me out the most is when acquaintances will tell me they have read my blog or while we are talking they will randomly start a sentence with “It’s like that one post you made…” Wait, wait, hold on. You’ve read my blog? Thanks for never leaving a comment anywhere ever or even giving me a lame “like” when I share my post to my Facebook page. I had absolutely no idea you were reading my blog. But I’m honored.

It makes me wonder who else reads my blog and isn’t letting on. Probably Mr. Obama if I had to guess, he has 2 daughters and he can likely relate to some of my parenting posts. So anyhow, thanks for reading Mr. President, if you could just work it into your next speech: “It’s like the Sunshine Dad says: ‘Parenting is the hardest job you’ll ever have: good parenting is even harder than that!'”

Until next time, you have yourself a great week. And please don’t forget, if you are so inclined to do so, you can click on the Top Daddy Blogs logo below or in my sidebar once a day to vote for me. Thanks.

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Toddlers are like Drunk Adults

I’m certainly not the first person who has ever made this comparison and I’m sure I won’t be the last. I think I first heard the comparison from my good friend Casey Grice a few years back but I’m sure he wasn’t the first person who ever thought of it either. With his permission I decided to come up with all the ways I could think of that a Toddler and a Drunk Adult were similar.

Neither of them should get behind the wheel of a car and drive. Continue reading Toddlers are like Drunk Adults