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Party Under the Big Top #9

Headline Graphic Party Under the Big Top Act Nine

Well, here we are again, ready for another terrific Blog Party. Last week we set a record for the most posts linked up, with more than 50!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated and who invited a friend. This week we have a few minor changes. Lysa, my co-host has redesigned the party buttons to make them a little more manly and to help them look great on a wider variety of blogs’ color schemes.

We are also switching our social media party to Pinterest.  So please, after you link-up your post don’t forget to keep scrolling down the page and link-up your Pinterest page as well so we can all follow each other.

As a reminder in order to link-up or read the posts you will have to click on the small blue box with a picture of a frog that says “Click to view and add your links!”

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The Secret About Band-aids

What’s the deal with Band-Aids? If you are a parent or a child care worker then you know there are magic healing powers inside band-aids. These special healing powers rival the secret magic of a mom’s kiss.

When my kids come running to me crying about their latest bump, my go-to reaction is “Here, let me kiss it.” 9 times out of 10 they are miraculously healed (A dad’s kiss is pretty good too, in case you didn’t know). But what about that 10th time? Continue reading The Secret About Band-aids