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We’ve lived in our current home for nearly 2 years and so many of the rooms, particularly the walls, still feel incompletely decorated. We are still trying to figure out what should go where and with the business of everyday life, decorating get pushed to the back burner often.

Well, when I was recently offered a chance to review WeMontage I jumped at the chance for two reasons. Continue reading WeMontage

I Bet Your Keys Are Dumb

I started to carry a set of keys the day I turned 16. I went down to the DMV with my dad (or maybe it was my mom, I can’t remember) and gave them my Driver’s Ed certificate and smiled for my picture. I had my very own driver’s license and a new found sense of freedom. I also needed to carry around my car keys and my house keys.

I stumbled across 2 unusually large key rings and decided to use them as my key ring. That was nearly 20 years ago. I still use those 2 keys rings to this day. I’ve never given it a second thought. In fact, I’ve often though about how fortunate I was to find those large rings because I have so many keys now and I’ve never seen rings as large since. Continue reading I Bet Your Keys Are Dumb

Get Your Pictures on Track

If you’re like me, you take a ton of pictures on your phone’s camera. It might not be as good as my big expensive camera but it’s pretty dang good and it’s always in my pocket. As a result, I’m always using it. Next time I get a new phone I’m going to get one with extra memory, but that’s a different topic altogether.

After a while I have so many pictures on my phone it’s hard to sort through them all. I’ve got pictures from outings with the kids, pictures of grocery lists, screenshots of random apps, blurry pics and pictures I took just so I could remember where I parked. I try to go back and delete pictures that I don’t want but sometimes the task just gets away from me. Continue reading Get Your Pictures on Track

JETPACK Adventure Pack. Fuels your imagination, carries your stuff.

The great folks over at Harry & Jack’s sent us a JETPACK Adventure Pack to try out and review. When the package arrived the kids gathered around while I opened it up. My first thought was “Wow, it feels much more durable than I expected.” My 3 year-old’s first screaming comment was “Awesome, that’s mine! Can I put my lunch in the rocket ship?!”

I was trying to look it over but my son just kept asking me if he could play with it. After unsuccessfully trying to explain to him it was a backpack and not a toy, I finally just gave in and handed him the pack err I mean, rocket ship to play with. He put on the pack and I helped him put on the accompanying arm band. He shouted something along the lines of “To Infinity and beyond” and took off running Continue reading JETPACK Adventure Pack. Fuels your imagination, carries your stuff.