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Frugal Parent: 6 Apps To Use To Save Some Money

The joy of having a little one is immeasurable. They teach you to love more than you ever have and through them, you find purpose and inspiration. While having a family can be one of life’s greatest gifts, it can also be life’s greatest expense. A report done by The Department of Agriculture found that it costs $233,610 to raise a child from birth to 17, not including college expenses. This astronomical amount starts with car seats and bibs and goes all the way to toys, clothes and a double umbrella stroller (when the second child arrives). Continue reading Frugal Parent: 6 Apps To Use To Save Some Money

DIY Master

On day one of our recent family road trip we stopped for dinner in Georgia at a pizza buffet. While in the bathroom bending over to help our daughter, my wife’s iPhone 5 slipped out of her shirt pocket and landed face down on the tile.  She knew before she even turned it over, it was shattered. Major first world problems here. When we finally got to our destination we hit up an apple store and found out it would be between $750 and $950 to buy a new phone.  Continue reading DIY Master