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Just Add Water

One day a while back, I went to wash my hands. I went into the downstairs bathroom and pumped a squirt of soap onto my hands. I immediately noticed that the soap was incredibly watery. I remembered noticing the day before that the soap level was low and thinking I needed to add more soap.  Since my mother-in-law watched the kids the previous night, I started to think that maybe she had added some water to the soap since it might have gotten too low to pump. Continue reading Just Add Water

A Dad’s Ingenious Way to Beat the Heat

A while back I wrote a letter to Summer encouraging the warm weather to return. Well, the warm weather is finally here. Warm is actually a dramatic understatement, it’s punch-you-in-the-face hot. Ninety plus degrees at 9 am hot. Break a sweat walking across your porch scorcher.

It’s not always this hot, but we’ve had a serious heat wave pass through lately. We’ve been staying inside a bit more than normal but we can’t stay cooped up all day everyday. These kids have energy they need to burn off. I was feeling bad taking them to do anything outside because it was just so hot. Then I had an idea. Continue reading A Dad’s Ingenious Way to Beat the Heat