Teach your kids the Alphabet

If you’re like me, you are always looking for fun and engaging ways to teach your kids. Learning how to write the alphabet is an important part of early learning, so if I can find a way for them to learn this and have fun while doing it, it’s a win-win for everyone.

My kids want to play on the iPad any chance they get, so the idea of having them learn while they are having fun is perfect. I’m always looking for new educational apps for them and when I was introduced to My First Alphabet Phonics, I knew it was one I needed to check out.

Once you download the app, the first option you have is for Uppercase or Lowercase. I picked uppercase and got my 4 year old and 2 year old to come try it out. My 4 year old was eager to try. He traced the A. Once he completed it, stars rained down on the screen and a voice told him “good job.” He was excited about the stars and would cheer as they fell across the screen. He moved on to the B.

He was tracing the letters nearly perfectly and made it all the way through to the H and then his enthusiasm faded a bit. He decided he’d let his younger sister have a turn. She was excited to have her turn. She was having a little bit more of a challenging time tracing the letters as perfectly as her brother but she was eager to stick with it and was very proud of herself when she would complete a letter.


Over the next couple of weeks I would let the kids use the app several times a week. I noticed over time my 4 year old (who basically already knew how to write most of his letters) had started to lose his initial enthusiasm for the app and would ask me if he could play another game. My 2 year old, however, would ask me to “do the ABC’s.” She was really enjoying it and I noticed her letters were getting remarkably better.

It was cute to see her so proud of herself when she completed a letter. Her improvement from that first day has been quite remarkable. I imagine it won’t be too long and she’ll be ready to start writing letters on paper.

Over the time we’ve been using the app I did notice an issue. On the side of the screen at all times are all of the letters. You can tap on any letter to instantly practice writing it. My daughter would accidentally tap a letter on the side with her arm while she was in the middle of trying to trace and it would immediately end her session with that letter and take her to the new letter she accidentally touched with her arm. This would cause her to get frustrated.  So if there were a way to hide those that would be nice.

I would also add, for maximum effectiveness you should monitor your kids because it is possible to “trace” a letter incorrectly. There are stars inside the letters and the idea is that as you trace along you draw over the stars. Once all the stars have been drawn through the app considers the letter traced. The problem is, it is possible to draw through all the stars and produce something that doesn’t look like the letter you are supposed to be tracing, yet the app will still tell you “good job.” This is easily resolved by giving your child some guidance and supervision while they are using the app.

They offer two versions, a Pro version without the adds. Download it here: My First Alphabet Phonics: Learn to Handwriting and Tracing the Letters – Endless joy for Kids by Moojoy

They also have a free version you can try out risk free which has adds. You can find it here: My First Alphabet Phonics: Learn to Handwriting and Tracing the Letters – Endless joy for Kids by Moojoy

I was compensated for this review but my opinions are my own.



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