One on One Time

When our first child was born all he knew was one on one time with mom or dad.  When our second child was born we could still rather easily find the time to split the kids up and get some quality one on one time with each of them.  When our daughter was born it started to become more difficult to carve out any great one on one time with her.  By the time our 4th kid came along the idea of one on one time was becoming a distant memory.

The summer before our oldest started kindergarten was absolute pandemonium.  I had 4 kids all under the age of 5 and I was freaking out.  I look back on those months now with fond memories of the precious time we all got to spend together but if I’m remembering it honestly, those were some crazy, tiresome days.

But in the midst of those crazy days something almost magical would happen nearly everyday around 1 o’clock.  The 3 oldest kids would go down for nap and it was just me and the baby.  This was finally my one on one time. Dishes were stacked up, toys were everywhere, clothes were needing to be folded but I would just ignore all that for a few sweet minutes. I would sit down with my little boy and just enjoy him.

This was time devoted to silly kisses and cuddles and raspberries and tickles and exploring baby toys and tiny little giggles and mini photo shoots.  This was special time. This was the one on one  time I had been missing.

Now that my oldest has started kindergarten he’s gone most of the day and I’m craving that special one on one time with him.  I don’t know when that’ll come but I do know, at least for now, everyday around 1:00 I get to have a few sweet moments alone with my baby boy. I’m going to cherish this for as long as I can.

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