The Backyard Bunch

This group of rag tag superheros is determined to fight for justice, combat evil, slide down slides, save helpless animals and have fun doing it. As long as they can get it all done before nap time.

I love my kids so much. They are the most full of energy, rambunctious, sweet and crazy group of kids I know. They are such a source of joy, laughter and pride for me. I also want to throw each of them out the window at least twice a day. At least. I’m so thankful for our fenced-in backyard because a couple times a week I banish them to the great outdoors. Primarily for my own sanity.

Sadly most of the time they just complain they are bored or hot or thirsty or in need of TV. Yes, they have a little bit of a media addiction. We call media “screen time” around here. All they want is screen time. All day, every day. Today, as my wife was about to leave for work she jokingly asked the 5 year old “Do you want to go to work for me?” He didn’t skip a beat and said “No, I don’t know how to do your job. I do know how to do screen time though” and he cracked this sly smile.

Part of me wants to lock them in a room for a week with a TV and not let them do anything else for 7 straight days except watch TV. That might get them worn out on the idea of TV. We regulate their screen time fairly strictly so I think that always leaves them wanting more.

Anyway, the other day when I told them we were all going outside before I lost my mind, they asked me if they could wear their capes and masks outside. I was so thrown off they didn’t want to watch TV I quickly rounded up their super hero gear. They were so cute running around the yard and coming up with pretend scenarios that needed super heroes.

I was proud of them that day for using their imaginations. Sometimes I think all the technology has killed their imaginations. They have such a hard time creating games to play outside to entertain themselves. I feel like I spent so much more time outside than they do as a kid and I rarely felt bored. (At least that’s how I remember it, maybe my mom remembers it differently.) I want to develop that creativity in them but I’m not sure what’s the best way to do that.

Any tips are greatly appreciated. I hope you guys are enjoying your week.

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4 thoughts on “The Backyard Bunch”

  1. I’m not quite there yet, but here’s a good list of things I hope to do when Avery is older –

    Are your kids old enough for video games? I loved playing them as a kid (when not outside running around), and there’s a good balance to find somewhere. Plus you can find a lot that are interactive to get them moving and you can join in too! Best of luck to you, I think I’ll be coming to you with questions on what worked in another year!

    1. The older two are very much into video games. Yes maybe we need to get one of those kinect things where your body is the remote. (I think it’s called kinect) Anyway, they get you up and jumping & moving all over the place.
      Great list of outdoor games!

  2. Your dad and uncles and I use to build forts all over Aunt Mary Belle’s house. I don’t think we even had tv back then and if we did only got 1 or 2 channels.

    1. I’ve heard all the stories! (Probably a dozen times haha)
      You make a good point about the number of channels. We only got 3 channels growing up so options were often limited and undesirable. So that might explain why we were outside so often.
      Thanks for your comments! 🙂

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