The Day the World Changed

35 years ago today a woman went into labor at 11pm at night.  By 6 am she and her husband had made their way to the hospital. After several hours, at 2:15pm on June 9, 1980 a baby boy was born to this young couple. On that day their whole world changed.

The woman gave up her career to stay home with this child and raise him the best way she knew how. The man worked hard to provide for his new family. This boy would grow up in a godly home full of love, joy and patience. He was also blessed by being able to know all 4 of his grandparents for 15 years.

After a couple years they would add a baby girl to their family. The boy and his sister would fight sometimes but ultimately they grew up friends and loved each other. The decision was made to move the family to a better school district where they could also have a lot of land.

The man built his family a home with his own two hands and shortly thereafter the boy started school. It might not have been the perfect family or the perfect life, but to the boy and the girl, it sure seemed like it was. After 13 years and countless school plays, sports leagues, science projects and late night homework sessions, the boy finally graduated High School.

He went on to graduate from the University of Florida where he met his future wife. Then on August 19, 2009 this boy, who had now grown up, had the opportunity to experience what his parents had so many years before, when his baby boy was born. He had now begun his own little family.

The boy knew he could never repay his parents or return the favor for the years they dedicated to raising him. All he could try to do was pay it forward to his own children. And that’s what he strives to do everyday with varying success.


Mom & Dad, Happy Anniversary to the day you became parents. Words cannot express how blessed I was am to be your son. -Michael

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17 thoughts on “The Day the World Changed”

  1. Happy Parenteversary to your folks and Happy Birthday to you. Since we owe our parents a “debt” we could never repay, the only way to try is to pay it forward with our own children. You are right about that. I’m sure a few tears will be shed when they read this one. Not me though, I was just eating something really spicy at lunch break when I read it.

    1. “Parenteversary” how brilliant! You should copyright that! Yeah, I didn’t cry writing it either…but I was eating spoonfuls of wasabi, so that accounted for the tears. 🙂

  2. Love this post . I enjoy your writing. Your Mom and I are good friends ( past locker buddies) Please give her a big hug from me <3

  3. Hope you had an amazing birthday! What a beautiful tribute to your parents, your wife and kids… and the day you came into the world! Lovely photos of your childhood, graduation and the day you became a dad!
    PS: I have similar Sears studio-style photos of me as a kid…Always sitting on that beige rug thing!
    Have a lovely start to to your day!

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