The Death of Summer

Well, summer as we know it officially ended this week. School started back up and my oldest (or is it eldest?) son started 1st grade. There were significantly less tears shed this year as he was getting on the bus as compared to last year. I’m talking about my tears.

I thought I was ok with him going off to school but as I watched him get on the bus that first morning of kindergarten, I could barely keep my stuff together. Luckily I was wearing sun glasses. I kept the tears to a minimum until I got back into my house. Then I sat down at the table and lost it. The emotions were just too much.

Such a bitter sweet moment. We all look forward to the moments that will unfold as our kids grow up but we also cling tightly to their youth.  As I have mentioned before, there will come a day when I can no longer pick my kids up and cuddle them, when they don’t need me to help them cut up their dinner or when they won’t live at home anymore. When I think about that I get a little teary-eyed, but at the same time, I don’t want a 4 year-old forever.

There is a balance to be had somewhere in there; the ability to enjoy every moment while it’s happening and hold onto it as you look toward the future. It’s easier said than done.  In some small way, blogging has helped me hold onto some of these moments. It’s certainly caused me to take more pictures at random moments! 🙂

Anyway. Back to the part about the tear free first day of school this year. Our summers had been full of lazy mornings and late nights, so the switch to get to the bus stop by 8 am was noticeable. We pulled it off and had time to spare. Now our life gets back into a more regular routine. A bit more of a hectic routine. Our second kid starts pre-school later this week too, so that will be another adjustment we’ll have to make.

Here is a before school and after school picture of Cooper on his first day. I already shared this on Facebook and commented that based on his hair style, it would seem that 1st grade smacked him upside the head. He had an excellent first day and seems to like his teacher, so I’m hopeful for another great year.

The next kid (the 2nd born) is a total wildcard: I have no idea what to expect with him this year.  It could be the best of times, it could be the worst of times. Only time and Charles Dickens will tell.

Until next time. Have a great week and share any first day of school stories you might have below. I’d love to hear them.

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5 thoughts on “The Death of Summer”

  1. Ok so I’m sitting on the train, reading your post after a long day and work and crying! Crying because your words really touched me and a flood of emotions came to me as I read about your kids’ first day of school. How blessed they are to have amazing parents like you… And indeed your blog helps to capture this age in a time capsule, to go back to a review , as they’ll be off to their first day of college (sob!)
    Thank you for sharing with us!

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