The EasyWring Lives up to its Name

If I were to make a list of my most favorite things, mopping wouldn’t even come close to making the list. On the fun scale from 0 to 100, it’s a 0. But, unless you have wall to wall carpeting over every square inch of your house, it’s a necessary evil. Floors need to be mopped; you might as well use a mop that makes the job easier. As a stay-at-home-dad of 5, I need as much easy as I can get!

The EasyWring Spin Mop & Bucket system from O-Cedar is a mop that takes the fuss and mess out of wring dirty mop heads. The built-in wringer is easy to use and incredibly effective. The mop head is made from a deep cleaning microfiber that allows it to absorb and remove dirt and grime. This microfiber mop head is removable and machine washable.


The disgusting smell of an old mop head is one of the most repugnant smells I can think of. So the fact that I can just toss it in the washing machine is a big plus for me. The built-in spinning wringer almost makes the mop register on the fun scale. It’s easy to use and highly effective at getting any liquid out of the mop head.

One of its great uses is to clean up spills. The other day we were having a birthday party and some water and ice was spilled. I busted out the EasyWring and in a matter of seconds I had sopped up all the water. It’s impressive how dry the spinning bucket gets the mop head.

The shape of the mop head is a bit atypical but it does a good job of getting into corners. The mop handle itself is telescopic so if for whatever reason you need to shorten it down, you are able to. Watch this short video of me testing it out.

The EasyWring is available online here at Walmart or you can just pick one up in person the next time you’re there. I’m not sure it’s going to solve all the world’s problems, but I can pretty much guarantee it’s going to make your mopping easier.

Have a great day!

This post was sponsored by O-Cedar

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