The End of the World and Other Ramblings

Today is October 7, 2015. There seems to be a group of people who are fairly convinced that the world will end today. Will it? Did it already? Did I write this post for no reason? Who knows. I’m ready to go live forever in Heaven and I look forward to that day, but something tells me it won’t be tomorrow. While I don’t necessarily get all caught up in the hoopla, I do enjoy reading about end of the world prophesy.

In other news unrelated to the world ending. My Florida Gators ended Ole Miss’ world last Saturday. Okay, “ended their world” might not be 100% accurate but we sure whooped ’em good in The Swamp. (The Swamp is the nickname of the Gator’s stadium in case you weren’t in the know about these things)

It’s been a long time since the Florida Gators had a football team that was exciting and fun to watch. The last two games have been the 2 most exciting back-to-back games I’ve ever been to in my life. Minus a few years when I lived in Connecticut, I have been regularly going to home Gator football games since the mid-late 80’s, so I’ve been to my share of great games. Our recent come from behind win against Tennessee and then our total beat down of #3 Ole Miss have been two I’ll never forget, especially since we were projected to lose both. Hopefully our team can keep up the win streak.

Speaking of gators. My dad and I are going to go Alligator hunting tonight. It’s another reason why I’m sort of rooting against the end of the world being today. I really want to catch a gator! I also want to return with all my limbs and digits. Let’s hope both happens! We went once before about a month ago and it was a very unsuccessful and uneventful trip. Hopefully we have learned some pointers from that trip.

My herb/vegetable garden continues to pump out okra like a factory and it has now started to produce a few nice cucumbers. It’s also about to give me a whole bunch more Tabasco peppers which is great because I’m about to run out of my last batch of homemade hot sauce. Most of our tomato plants died never having produced one single tomato but we have one tomato plant that is really more of a vine and it is growing all over the fence and the okra and must be nearly 20 feet long total, but alas, it is still yet to produce one single tomato either. I don’t know what went wrong with the tomatoes. Maybe this vine is a late bloomer.

God Bless you if you are still reading at this point. This post has been all over the place with random thoughts from my brain and you deserve some sort of prize for gutting through it. So go get yourself some candy as a reward. Unless of course the world ended today, in which case candy probably seems completely irrelevant.

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2 thoughts on “The End of the World and Other Ramblings”

  1. I enjoyed this post, maybe because my brain works in a very random fashion too. I’m fairly certain the world did not end, I don’t follow your Gators team, but hope you caught one with your dad (and not the other way around!), and I never have luck growing tomatoes either. At least the peppers look top notch and I’d happily try some in your homemade salsa!

    1. Thanks man.
      Unfortunately the gators are all safe and sound as we had about as much luck with them as I did with growing tomatoes.
      At least I’ve got the hot sauce to look forward to.
      Have a great weekend!

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