The Secret About Band-aids

What’s the deal with Band-Aids? If you are a parent or a child care worker then you know there are magic healing powers inside band-aids. These special healing powers rival the secret magic of a mom’s kiss.

When my kids come running to me crying about their latest bump, my go-to reaction is “Here, let me kiss it.” 9 times out of 10 they are miraculously healed (A dad’s kiss is pretty good too, in case you didn’t know). But what about that 10th time? Every so often a bonk is so bad my kids won’t want my kisses. They call out for reinforcements. They want a Band-aid!

Stubbed toe? Band-aid. Hit with toy? Band-aid. Bit their own lip? Band-aid. Whacked their head? Band-aid. (They don’t know about band-aids pulling your hair yet) Pinched finger? Band-aid.  Found a freckle on their arm? Band-aid. Their sibling put on a band-aid? Band-aid.

That’s the other thing, as soon as one kid decides he or she needs a band-aid there is a group hysteria that ensues where everyone is frantically searching their body for any old cut, scratch, bruise, birthmark or smear of dirt that they can point out to me as proof they too need a band-aid.

Back in my day (make sure in your head you read that last sentence while imagining me sitting up straight with my shoulders back, nose slightly in the air shaking my head with a snooty voice) band-aids were boring and ugly. You didn’t want one of those ugly shiny tan plasticy things on your body. Plus, when you took them off you lost 5 layers of skin.

Now band-aids are glorified stickers with fun characters on them and they don’t seem to hurt when they are taken off. Actually, they seem to fall off far too easily, requiring another band-aid. I’m sure this was all some clever marketing trick to use more band-aids. I must say, it’s working quite brilliantly because we go through roughly a box of band-aids a week.

Well played Band-aid, well played!

How about your house? Any magic cure-alls you have that could help us break our band-aid dependency?

16 thoughts on “The Secret About Band-aids”

  1. My kids are in the category “she’s got one so I want one” I buy them and they are gone in days. I’m afraid I have no cure, I just pray in the hope they forget that I have band aids anywhere in our house and stop asking for them ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Indeed the marketing department at Band Aid was spot on when they started putting characters on them… Kids love to wear them! So true… When we were kids, that was the last thing you wanted stuck on you.. Not to mention the pain of ripping it off!

  3. So the band-aid ordeal turned out to be a blog post, and a really good one at that!?!!!! A+ material here buddy. Very well put together. I enjoyed it, although I’m not quite sure that politicians wear sticker band-aids & what this has to do with “Poli-fascism.” But it was good nonetheless. And, yes, we are still rival bloggers. I still don’t like you, but I had to give credit where credit is due. As a matter of fact, today is Cooper’s birthday and I got him some Ninja Turtle band aids as a gift.

  4. What is up with the “adhesiveness” of today’s band-aids? I think we need Congressional hearings on why they seem to fall off far to easily compared to when we were kids. Not to mention the “scum” outline they left that took a brillo pad and industrial strength cleaner to remove from you skin.
    Let’s add another “gate” to the American lexicon, you have just started BandAidGate!

  5. You’ve nailed it…that’s exactly how it is at my house too! We also have an Ariel ice pack in the freezer that has instant healing powers. Since the second one always needs the ice pack for some imaginary “boo boo” as soon as the first one is using it, we now have two of them!

    Great post! I know every parent can identify ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Oh yes! The character ice pack! We used to have a “Boo-boo Elmo” ice pack. I swear the kids would intentionally hurt themselves in order to use it. The kids finally lost it somewhere and I am in no hurry to replace it. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Haha! Yes and now that they come in such pretty colors and designs they are wonderful fashion choices for the critically injured. ..

  7. I stopped buying those character band-aids because they just came off way too often and the whole box was used up too quick! My little girl believes in the magical powers of band-aids, requiring one for every little scratch or bump. Just slap one on and it’s all good so if we can’t find one, she believes it will never heal. Thanks for another great party ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I’m strongly considering just buying “boring” band aids moving forward because the amount of these other ones we go through is getting ridiculous. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Needing a band-aid for the band-aid is a tradition, just like needing a vacation after the vacation. Fortunately I haven’t had to use any yet for my ten month old daughter, but I am starting to stock up now. I will not be caught off guard again, as I was by the number of diapers I needed. Boy was I unprepared for that! ?

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