We’ve lived in our current home for nearly 2 years and so many of the rooms, particularly the walls, still feel incompletely decorated. We are still trying to figure out what should go where and with the business of everyday life, decorating get pushed to the back burner often.

Well, when I was recently offered a chance to review WeMontage I jumped at the chance for two reasons. One, the product looked amazing and two, it would force us to finally decorate a wall! Here was the wall we decided to spruce up:

WeMontage is a site that allows you to create your own beautiful custom photo wall sticker. Why would you need a wall sticker? Well there are plenty of places that don’t allow you to put nails in the walls to hang pictures: apartments, dorms, rental properties, etc. And what if you have a cinder block wall that you can’t nail into or you want to put a picture above your baby’s crib but are concerned about a heavy picture frame potentially falling on them? WeMontage can be an excellent solution for those situations when you’d rather not have a bare wall but aren’t allowed (or don’t want) to hang pictures.

The process starts at their website WeMontage.com where you are able to directly upload any pictures you wish to work with. You then choose the layout you want and the fun begins. You click on the “smart shuffle” button and a montage is magically created for you.  You can swap the placement of the pictures around or click on smart shuffle again to get a different configuration of your photos.

I had a love/hate relationship with the smart shuffle button. On one hand, I loved the simplicity and ease of just clicking a button. If I liked the collage great, if not click again. On the other hand, I wished I had a little more control sometimes. A few times I wished I could have manually modified one part of the collage to make it perfect for my liking but since I couldn’t I just had to go to the next option. I also found myself liking a layout but wondering if I’d like another one more. So I ended up saving 8 layouts to go back and sift through to pick my favorite one.

In the end I found one that both my wife and I loved and I placed the order. I wonder, if I had more control over the collage would I have been able to tweak it and find one I loved faster, or would I still be on there infinitely tweaking some minor insignificant detail? I honestly don’t know the answer.

At any rate, our WeMontage arrived a few days later and we were blown away. It looked so good. It came rolled up, so I let it lay flat for a couple days. I was surprised by how sturdy it was, it felt like thick wall paper. I was a little worried about sticking it to the wall. I was convinced I wasn’t going to put it up level and then I was going to have to peel it off and re-stick it. It turns out my fears were for nothing as it was fairly simple to stick it right where I wanted it and it didn’t have any bubbles which I was also worried about.

We hung another hanging to the left and a Mother’s Day project I made to the right and our wall looks great. Since I enjoy making projects out of old pallet boards, I might one day make a pallet board frame for our WeMontage but even if I don’t it still looks great. Here is the final result:

If you know a student off at college you could get them a gift card for a WeMontage for Christmas this year or they have other cool photo products on their site as well. The collages can be removed and re-stuck again but of course the more you do that, the less sticky they become.

I got to thinking that over time if you continue to move your WeMontage around you will be left with a regular picture that isn’t sticky and you could just frame it like a normal picture at that point. Heck, you could even cut out the individual pictures in the collage and frame them separately if you wanted.

All in all, I think it’s a terrific product and I imagine we’ll keep ours for a long time. And even if you are like me and own your home and could put whatever giant gaping hole in the wall you wanted, maybe you just aren’t that handy with a hammer and this would be a significantly better option for you. Or maybe you know you are moving soon and want to stage your house without having to patch nail holes later. There are tons of reasons why this could be a great option and I promise you, you won’t be disappointed. I know I’m not.

I was given my WeMontage to review but wasn’t compensated in any other way and wasn’t told what to say. I have given my honest opinion.

All the pictures in my collage were taken by Sarah from Remember These Things Photography.

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