Wild Florida Update

Last week I wrote about my upcoming annual trip to a remote part of Florida with my dad. Well, we are back and I decided I wanted to share some pictures from my trip of some of the unique things we came across.

Here is a completely hollowed out log.

Here is a fallen tree that is completely covered with mushrooms.IMG_2592

We always come across old bottles. I few years back I decided to started collecting any that I found that looked neat or were old. I found a bottle from the 1920s on this trip. This picture, however, is not of that bottle. This is a modern bottle of whiskey (that still had some in it).IMG_2593

Here is an old hollowed out triangle shaped tree stump.IMG_2601

I thought it was neat that this lone flower was growing in the middle of the swamp.IMG_2609

This is a huge tree that is hollowed out.IMG_2608

Here is my dad inside the tree for perspective.IMG_2604

These are cypress knees which grow all over the island.IMG_2594

This tree with these strange round growths (which I think is actually some kind of disease).IMG_2589

We caught a bunch of catfish and had a fantastic fish fry one night!IMG_2579

There is a secret tangerine tree growing out in the woods that has the sweetest tangerines you’ve ever tasted.IMG_2587


So that was our trip, the only thing I feel like I should have taken a picture of was the box turtle we came across. I don’t think a year has gone by when we haven’t come across at least one box turtle. If I had the power I think I might rename the island Turtle Island, I’ve never seen such a concentrated population of box turtles anywhere else.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great week!

9 thoughts on “Wild Florida Update”

  1. Nice nature pictures. I would consider moving to that island just for the secret tangerine tree. Good stuff. Glad you included the picture of your Dad in the hollowed out tree. I didn’t realize how big it was.

  2. What great pictures. It looks like such a peaceful place to retreat from the busy hustle and bustle of life! The tangerine tree is so cool… What a neat surprise in the middle of the woods!

    I must say though that the hollowed out tree is my favorite, especially the one with your Dad. It reminded me of the Redwood Forest in Northern California where there is an actual Giant Sequoia tree that you can drive through! I’m dead serious… You should Google it, it’s the coolest thing! 😉


    1. Lysa, I’ve been there! It’s amazing. Yes the bases of some of the giant trees where we were in Florida do very much remind me of the redwoods & sequoias, but they aren’t quite as tall. There is one particular section of the island we go to that we refer to as the “giant trees” but we didn’t go to that part this time.

      Thanks for stopping by. Have a terrific weekend! 🙂

      1. Yes it is amazing there in the midst of all the GIANT trees! Mystifying and magical almost! 😉 The “giant trees” section of the island sounds neat! I honestly had no idea Florida had woods like that… I have always been horrible with geography and thins like that anyway but to me I think Florida and beaches swamps, and old people immediately come to mind! Ha! I’m sure many others think that as well. Thanks so much for enlightening me and showing me the other beautiful side of Florida!

        Wishing you a terrific weekend as well!

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