You’d Forget Your Head if it Wasn’t Screwed On

I’ve touched on this before, if you come to our house you will see we are desperately trying to keep our life organized through various methods. We have a dry erase monthly calendar on the wall. We have a separate set of dry erase boards to keep track in more detail of each day of the current week. We have a system that is supposed to keep our paperwork filed. The side of our fridge holds all our son’s important school papers and dates. We even have two chalk boards for various inspiration and decoration.

It is my desire that our house look nice and be well decorated, but when it comes down to it, function takes priority over form. I can’t stand it when a product makes great sacrifices to look amazing at the expense of its usefulness.  Of course, the perfect scenario is when something looks great and works great too.

I was recently introduced to Chalk Couture which was founded by a mom who was tired of having to use ugly dry erase boards and tacky magnets. She has created some beautiful magnetic chalkboards that wonderfully blend form and function. And she has a whole slew of magnets to decorate them with.


No longer do you have to sacrifice style to get the function you need. They are running a Kickstarter Campaign right now where you can back them and take advantage of some special offers. Or if you wanted to you can go straight to their website and look at all the great chalkboards they have available.

Another item they are introducing in their Kickstarter campaign is chalk paste which can be used with stencils or transfers to help give clean professional looking chalk designs. And one of the best parts about their large chalkboards is they come with a 50 year warranty. Yes, you read that right 50, Five-O. That’s crazy. You know they are confident in their quality if they are offering that type of warranty.

Check out their video below or go visit their website or their Kickstarter Campaign.




This post was sponsored by Chalk Couture but I wasn’t told what to write and I honestly think they have some cool stuff.

I wish all of you a terrific day. If you wanted to help me out by voting for me as a Top Dad Blogger you could do so by clicking here. Otherwise let me know your thoughts on Chalk Couture in the comments below or tell me your favorite joke. I haven’t heard a great new joke in a long time.


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