You’re Making This Up!

I have only briefly touched on it before in my blog but I am a member of Jacksonville’s Mad Cowford Improv troupe. In 2007 while living in Connecticut I auditioned for Funny Stages which was the improv wing of The New Haven Theater Company. I was accepted into the group and over the next 4 years I enjoyed performing with them.

Once we moved to Florida it didn’t take me long to realize I really missed performing with my former group and I began to seek out a new group to join. Three years ago I auditioned with Mad Cowford and was fortunate enough to be accepted into their troupe as well.

I’m sure at this point some of you are asking yourselves: “What’s Improv?” Some of you are probably envisioning me doing some sort of stand-up comedy routine. There are 2 main styles of improv. Short Form and Long Form. Short form was made popular a few years back by the TV show Whose Line is it Anyway. Long Form is very popular in Chicago and New York and I can best liken it to improvising a one act play.

I have thoroughly enjoyed improv. I actually now even teach workshops on occasion. (I am in fact teaching an 8 week Level 1 workshop starting this Monday the 28th, you can click this link if you want to learn more) Another thing I started experimenting with and exploring was doing one-man improv. Instead of doing scenes with other members of the troupe, I either just do them by myself or with audience members helping out.

I have already done 2 one-man shows and I would like to continue that. They are a lot of fun for me and the audience seems to enjoy them as well. I have finally gotten around to editing together some of the clips from my first show and I’m in the process of getting them uploaded to my YouTube channel. Who knows when I’ll get around to the second show.

Here are two of the clips.

I’ll keep uploading the other clips. If you enjoy these clips, you could subscribe to the channel and you’ll get notified as others are uploaded. I should get them up in the next couple days.

It’s been a fun thing trying out this one man improv. I learned a ton from the first show and I feel like the second show was even better. I’m already looking forward to the 3rd (when ever that happens).

Thanks for watching, I hope you have a great rest of your week.

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