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The Kindness of Strangers

We got a chance to have a little get away. So we packed up the car and headed to North Carolina for a little skiing before the season ended. I used to be an avid snowboarder but I haven’t been on a slope since our first kid was born more than 9 years ago.

We found a cute cabin to rent online. The cabin rental place told us we should probably bring tire chains so we found some online and took off for the mountains.  After a 9 hour road trip we finally arrived at our destination tired, hungry and ready to hit the slopes in the morning.

We arrived at Sugar Mountain in the morning and after gearing up we were ready to hit the slopes. Now my wife and I are decent snowboarders but our kids are still learning. Our 3 year old had an hour private lesson and decided the cold and snow were not for him so he spent the rest of the day in the slope side child care center.

Three of the other kids decided they were ready to hit the slopes without any refresher ski lessons (they went skiing last year so they felt they were nearly professional) and the last child decided he wanted to learn to snowboard for the first time and spent most of the day in snowboard school.

That meant Caroline and I were hitting the slopes with 3 of the kids. When you have 5 kids and you suddenly only have to watch 3 of them, you are feeling pretty good. But let me tell you, watching 3 kids on the ski slopes is no easy challenge. There were so many wipe outs. I was blown away by how many people stopped what they were doing to help our kids. From teens to senior citizens, people were being so kind to us.

I was blown away by how willing complete strangers were to help the kids up after they fell down or to help them put their boots back into their skis. Thank you strangers for making a great day even better.

It’s amazing what a little kindness can do.

End an Era on the Right Foot

Earlier this week marked the official end of an era around here. I started my first full time job since 2009, thus my days as a stay-at-home dad have come to an end. I am working at a local Marriott Resort and my official title is Recreation Supervisor. Of course if you had listened to the Dad Bros podcast the other night you would already know all this. Continue reading End an Era on the Right Foot

The Dad Bros Show Records its 200th Episode

My pals Jon and Josh over at the Dad Bros Show podcast recorded their 200th show the other night and they graciously invited me to come on. They are a couple great dads and all around fun guys to chat with.

I also publicly revealed some exciting news about myself on the show for the first time, so go give a listen so you can be in the loop!

You can listen to their 200th episode by clicking here.

4 Activities to Try With Your Kids this Winter

Winter is a season associated with curling up under a blanket inside and hiding from the cold in the outside world. However, those habits can lead to bad habits later in life, as people start to fall out of good fitness routines and start isolating themselves when the snow begins to fall. Instead, you can help instill a love of year-round fitness in your children by observing the following activities. Continue reading 4 Activities to Try With Your Kids this Winter