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Comedy For Critters

As some of you know, when I’m not watching my kids I really enjoy performing with my improv comedy group Mad Cowford.  Our group puts on a show every Friday night in downtown Jacksonville, Florida at the Hourglass Pub. Shows start at 7:30 if you ever want to drop in. In addition to our regular Friday night show, we also do some special events here and there.

One of the biggest shows we put on every year is our Comedy for Critters show. We raise money to help local shelter animals. This is our 10th year putting on this benefit show and last year we raised more than $10,000! It’s always a lot of fun and it helps support a good cause. This year’s show is being held at Hotel Indigo on April 9th at 8:15pm. Continue reading Comedy For Critters

The End of the World and Other Ramblings

Today is October 7, 2015. There seems to be a group of people who are fairly convinced that the world will end today. Will it? Did it already? Did I write this post for no reason? Who knows. I’m ready to go live forever in Heaven and I look forward to that day, but something tells me it won’t be tomorrow. While I don’t necessarily get all caught up in the hoopla, I do enjoy reading about end of the world prophesy.

In other news unrelated to the world ending. My Florida Gators ended Ole Miss’ world last Saturday. Continue reading The End of the World and Other Ramblings

Post Bath Shenanigans

Last night after her bath, Ela started trying to “teach” me something. She was going on and on and being so serious in what she was saying. I was having a hard time not laughing. Every time I tried to do what she was doing she would tell me I was doing it wrong.

I still insist I was doing it exactly like she was and even she wasn’t doing it the same way every time. After a couple of minutes, I decided to get out my phone and see if I could get her to teach me on camera. Continue reading Post Bath Shenanigans

This is What Champions Look Like

As a stay-at-home parent I feel like I put in 14 hour days almost everyday. It’s good for me to find some things to do outside of the house to let me have some fun. The two main things I do for hobbies are improv and sports. The improv I do fairly regularly with my troupe (I have some footage I need to get edited and put up on the blog one day soon) but the sports are sporadic. Usually the sports consist of various random pick-up games. But this summer was different. Continue reading This is What Champions Look Like

The Right Changes are Often the hardest

After a few months of blogging about my adventures as a stay-at-home dad, I’ve had to take a few long looks in the mirror and into my soul and ask myself “is this working out?” The resounding answer is no. It seems people don’t want to read funny stories about a super intelligent, incredibly handsome, and all around humble dad. After doing some long hard google researching about topics to switch my blog to I have finally decided to blog about poli-fascism! Continue reading The Right Changes are Often the hardest

Avoiding Bed Time

I don’t know what it is about bed time, but kids will come up with just about any excuse to delay going to sleep. In a perfect world I like to try and tire the kids out to the point they welcome the opportunity to fall asleep, but the reality is, that doesn’t always happen. Over the past 5 years I have heard some fairly ridiculous reasons why the kids couldn’t lay down and go to sleep.

Hands down, the two most common reasons have been: Continue reading Avoiding Bed Time