DIY: Kitchen Table Refinish

We are a family of six.  Problem is we had a kitchen table for 4.  So we took to the internet to find a table that would fit our family and our kitchen.  The style we decided on were running anywhere from $400-$800.  In the scheme of life that wouldn’t break the bank but I can’t say I was excited to spend that much on a table.  We kept delaying the purchase, then one day my wife tells me she has found one locally on Craigslist for $65, but it would need to be refinished. Now she was talking my language.

I hustled over and picked up the table and brought it home.  It was a solid table and in great condition, we just didn’t really like the color and it didn’t go with our kitchen. Here is what it looked like when I bought it.IMG_1728.JPG The first thing that was going to need to happen was to strip off all the old finish.  I got out the belt sander and started sanding away.  My wife was just standing there watching me so I decided to let her be part of the process.  I gave her a belt sander tutorial and let her do some of the work. 🙂 IMG_1580.JPGOnce we got it all sanded down I took the leg off and took out the leaf.IMG_1586.JPGI started staining the leaf and showing her how to do it.IMG_1597.JPGThen she got to work on the rest of the table.IMG_1602.JPGWhile the stain was drying she got to work spray painting the table leg.IMG_1588.JPGAfter the stain had dried I began the process of clear coating the top. I applied 4 coats sanding in between each one.IMG_1655.JPG

After it was all dried and the leg was reattached we finally had a kitchen table that we can all sit at.  Here was our first dinner at our newly refinished table!IMG_1676.JPG


Final Product
Final Product












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  1. Nice job, we buy from Craigslist, too and will give the furniture a little TLC to restore it. We have that same size table from a friend who didn’t need it anymore and it needs to be repainted. We’ve been covering it with a tablecloth! We haven’t gotten around to it yet …maybe it can be a summer project for us, we’ll see.

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