DIY: Tiered Planter. Vegetable & Herb Garden

For Mother’s Day my wife gave me a short list of things she would like. One of those things was a raised vegetable and herb garden. She even let me see four thousand examples on Pinterest. Thanks for that Pinterest. Using some of the ideas I saw on Pinterest and what I knew of our backyard, I put together a plan and headed to Lowe’s. I bought 13 boards that were 8 feet long by 4 inch wide by 1 inch deep.

I mentally mapped out my plan and I started making my measurements:

After I had made all my cuts this is what I had. (Please note, the 4 blue boards were from scrap I had left over from another project. The rest were cut from 1 of my 13 boards):

After I made my cuts I started drilling my jig holes with my Kreg Jig so I could screw the boards together.  

Here I was starting to assemble the base garden box.  

What’s a DIY project without a few “helpers”  

Once I got my boxes assembled I screwed them onto my fence. My backyard has a bit of a slope to it, as you can see by my crazy fence. I decided to mount my garden boxes on the fence parallel to the ground, even though that wasn’t true level.  


Next I decided I wanted to stain the boxes to give them a nice finished look. 

Here are the planter boxes after they have been stained (as you can see at the bottom, I didn’t bother to stain the parts that would be covered by dirt)

Now came the really fun part. A trip back to Lowe’s to get some herbs and vegetables! (This is where Greyson had his infamous “I want a pizza plant” quote) 

Once we got back home, we had plenty of helpers to get those plants into the garden boxes.  

Everyone got involved (except our youngest) and we had a great time planting our garden!  

We have so many fresh herbs now, I can’t wait until we cook up something delicious!  

The herbs were mainly up top and the vegetables were mainly down below.  

Here is what our finished garden looks like. We are super excited and can’t wait until we can eat some of the vegetables later this season!    So what do you guys think? Honestly, it was fairly simple to make and we were able to put a surprising amount of plants into our garden. Only time will tell how well it does and how much we are able to harvest. Hopefully our hard work will pay off!

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6 thoughts on “DIY: Tiered Planter. Vegetable & Herb Garden”

  1. I would do this but everything I have built for planting in our backyard has died and not worked. So it would look cool but for as long as the plants don’t die. I assume you put this in full sun.

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