8 ways football taught me how to be a better dad.

With the Super Bowl just around the corner I decided to think back about all those lessons I learned playing football as a kid and see how they apply to fatherhood.


Sometimes what you originally had planned just isn’t going to work out. Thought you were going to take your kids to the zoo this morning? What’s that? One of the kids has a fever of 103 and is projectile vomiting? Time for plan B. Kids are unpredictable little creatures and I’ve learned I need to adapt and be willing to roll with a new idea at a moment’s notice.

Team Sport

Football isn’t a one person activity and neither is parenting. Yes, you may be the one running with the ball most of the time but you need your support group of blockers to help you out. Darrelle Revis may be an island but as a parent you shouldn’t be. Surround yourself with people you trust and care about. Help them out and let them help you.

Half Time

Half time is a chance to re-group, take a break, re-evaluate how your current game plan is going and get ready to end the game strong. In the parenting world half-time is called nap-time. That time in the middle of the day where you can hear yourself think. Where you can let your guard down for a few minutes without fear of the house burning down. Where you can regroup and get ready to finish the day strong.


It’s important to drink a lot, that’s why I always carry a flask. Ok just kidding. I threw that in for fun to see if you were paying attention. Every good team needs someone to lighten the mood, that’s where dad comes in with his corny dad jokes!

4th Down

Are you going to punt the ball away and play defense or are you going to throw caution to the wind and go for it? Picking your battles is important. My-way-or-the-highway isn’t the best approach for every single issue. I’ve got to be willing to reassess every once in a while.


Sometimes you have to take every man you’ve got and run head-on at an issue. Get the whole family involved to more effectively accomplish some goal or task. Does your living room look like a tornado just touched down? Get everyone involved to help clean up!

1st Down

Celebrate the minor accomplishments, victories and milestones. You don’t have to wait for a touchdown to tell your kids “good job.” Learn to appreciate the little things.


The dad is kind of like the quarterback of the family. Not only does he look super cool in his headband and sun glasses but everyone looks to him for guidance and leadership. The dad needs to huddle up the family, call a play, then make sure it’s executed properly. Great teams have great quarterbacks and great families have great dads.

Enjoy the game this weekend, and promise me you won’t “just watch for the commercials.”


15 thoughts on “8 ways football taught me how to be a better dad.”

  1. Oh man this is priceless. So many great analogies and comparisons that I wouldn’t have thought of. The comparison of nap time to half time is spot on, especially for a stay at home parent. Hydration!! Lol. Keeping the readers on our toes. Loved every word of it and the picture….the glasses and head band…such necessities for a football player… the coolest. Fantastic!

  2. Solid analogy. The audible still throws me right off. I’m a planner and often find adapting to a changing play difficult. Luckily my wife is the best defensive coordinator in the biz.

  3. Great philosophy on parenting! Loved the corresponding football facts!
    And your photo is great… Signature sunglasses!
    PS: I’ve got to admit that I don’t understand a thing about football and watch the Superbowl only for the hot wings and chips…
    Please don’t judge me:)

      1. Once again you knocked it out of the park, oh that’s baseball and we are talking football here. Lets just say you threw a pass into the endzone for the game winning score. Guess who caught it. Right. Your picture reminds me of the Chicago Bears QB Jim McMahon.

  4. What a wonderful analogy! You have one of the better outlooks on fatherhood that I have seen in quite awhile, next to my brother and husband of course!

    The part I stistruggle with is the audible. I’m such a planner with calendars and schedules that when things need to be changed at the last minute I start to freak out a little. You would think after four kids, two are now adults and the youngest are teens, that I would have learned by now how you easily switch gears. lol

    This was a great post that’s so much for sharing it. Wishing you a fabulous week!

    Welcome to My Circus

      1. Indeed it is tricky but just wait until they become teenagers! I can never plan anything anymore without having to change it for this activity and that activity oh and of course their social lives ALWAYS seem to get in the way! Hahaha! The life of a teenager…

        Wishing you a fabulous afternoon!


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