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Father’s Day is quickly approaching and every year we are always scrambling to find the best fathers day gifts for our dad. We want unique gifts or cool gifts but also gifts that our dad will actually want and use. A wooden watch from Jord checks off all those boxes.

Not only does Jord make some of the most unique watches I’ve ever seen, they are also among the most stylish. They make watches out of 8 different varieties of woods. The watch I have The Dover Ebony & Copper is a pure work of art.

Dover Ebony & Copper

From the moment it arrived in its wooden crate, I was in love. It’s obviously a bit more of a dressy watch but it still looks great when paired with casual wear.

Jord Wooden Watches

Then of course, when I am a little bit more dressed up, it just sets off my whole ensemble. I’ve been wearing it for the past couple weeks and I keep getting compliments on it. Then when I tell people it’s wood they love it even more.

Jord Dover Ebony & CopperI love the contrast of the blue hands on the copper face with the gears showing through.  It’s such a sleek design.


Another hidden detail that I love about the watch is the clear back. Of course you can’t see this unless you take the watch off, but still, I love that they thought to do this.


Today at lunch, my son, who turned 5 last week, asked me for probably the 10th time if this was his watch. I again emphatically explained that no, the watch I have been wearing is mine. He then proceeded to ask me if he could have it when I died. I slowly looked around at my 4 other kids who weren’t paying much attention to us and quietly whispered. “Sure”

I’ve already created a family heirloom.

So if you are struggling this father’s day to come up with men’s gift ideas for your dad, look no further than a Jord wooden watch. With so many different amazing watches to choose from I know you can find one that he’ll love. Who knows you might even be buying your next family heirloom.

Jord is also hosting a giveaway, so don’t forget to click here to enter!

Wood Watches by JORD


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