JETPACK Adventure Pack. Fuels your imagination, carries your stuff.

The great folks over at Harry & Jack’s sent us a JETPACK Adventure Pack to try out and review. When the package arrived the kids gathered around while I opened it up. My first thought was “Wow, it feels much more durable than I expected.” My 3 year-old’s first screaming comment was “Awesome, that’s mine! Can I put my lunch in the rocket ship?!”

I was trying to look it over but my son just kept asking me if he could play with it. After unsuccessfully trying to explain to him it was a backpack and not a toy, I finally just gave in and handed him the pack err I mean, rocket ship to play with. He put on the pack and I helped him put on the accompanying arm band. He shouted something along the lines of “To Infinity and beyond” and took off running around the house with his arm raised in the air making rocket blasting sounds.

After watching him climb up and jump off the couch a few times I decided he needed a break and told him it would be nap time soon. He begged me to sleep with his “rocket ship.” I told him to let me look at the pack during nap time but when he woke up he could get it back. He was agreeable to this answer and headed off to take a nap. I finally had my chance to thoroughly check out the pack.

I was still impressed by how thick and durable to material felt, it seems like it will be able to hold up to a significant amount of use. The second thing that popped out to me was how many reflective elements it had. Not only did they look cool with the rocket theme but they will make my child easier to see. Double bonus.

After nap we headed out to the back yard. My 3 year-old immediately wanted to know where his “rocket blaster” was. He put on his pack and began running round. It was really neat to see his little imagination having so much fun. He was talking into his wrist strap and pushing buttons and blasting missiles.



After a while he decided he wanted to practice some baseball. I offered to hold his pack while he swung the bat but he was not interested in taking off his rocket ship. So he played with it on.



His favorite part seemed to be getting to run to get the ball after he had hit it. All in all I’d say the first day with the pack was an absolute success, especially since all that running around tired him out. He slept well that night.




The next day we happened to be outside again and he was playing with his older brother and an older neighbor. He was having a hard time running as fast as them so he ran inside, put on his rocket pack and came running back outside yelling “Now I can run as fast as you!” It was cute how much he was enjoying the pack.

A few days later we took a trip to grandma and granddaddy’s house. We, of course, took the pack to transport some toys and a change of clothes. I was able to fit a change of clothes for each of the 4 kids as well as a handful of toys into the pack with room to spare. The pack is small enough that a 3 year old can easily wear it, yet large enough to hold a decent amount of stuff.


This is a great little pack. They have found the right balance of size and have designed a one-of-a-kind backpack that will likely get used just as much for a toy itself as it will to haul around toys and other items. The fabric and the zippers are high quality and I expect this to hold up for many years.

Harry & Jack’s also have a SCUBAPACK available if your little ones are into swimming and the ocean.

Click on the picture below to check out their site!


You can also click on the backpack below to go to Amazon where you can purchase a JETPACK of your own!


10 thoughts on “JETPACK Adventure Pack. Fuels your imagination, carries your stuff.”

  1. If I had a boy I would be clicking on Amazon right now! I saw Jetpack in the headline and thought it was going to be a wordpress rant LOL. Good review, BTW it’s 12 degrees here today!!!!!!

  2. That is awesome! Congrats on your first review. It make me want to have a boy just so I can buy one. I wonder if they have any designs for little girls?
    Anyways, great job on the review.

  3. What a cute backpack that indeed turned into a great toy! I love the photos … Your son looks thrilled to have it on!
    Thanks always for sharing your family stories with us… They’re especially heart-warming!

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