Jump in a Pinch

My wife works late nights often and I sometimes worry about her safety when she goes out into the parking lot. The last thing we need is for her to be stranded with a dead battery. Now that I think of it, that’s the last thing I need too. So when 1byOne offered me a chance to test out one of their Multi-Function Jump Starter I “jumped” at the chance. 

It comes in a sleek case with all the accessories neatly organized.

I am impressed with how small it is. The fact that a battery pack that fits in my hand can jump start my car is crazy to me. And if I need to carry it to charge my phone it’s not too bulky. I also really like that it can be charged up via a regular outlet or a car cigarette lighter.


When you want to jump your car battery there is a battery clamp attachment that you plug into the power pack.

One thing I noticed is even though the case is nice, if you take everything out of the case you could more easily fit it in your glove box or backpack.


I had no problems using it to charge my phone and it even has a little light on it if you needed a flashlight.

phone charger

But let’s be honest, a whole lot of power banks can charge your phone, I’ve never heard of one that can jump start your car. That’s the feature I’m more interested about. So I went outside, ran down my car’s battery and went to test it out.

jump starting

How did it do? Well you’ll just have to watch the video below to find out! If I have any critique, it’s that the manual could be more detailed. As you’ll be able to see, I had to figure out a couple things by trial and error.

Bottom line: It works! I think everyone should have one of these in their car. Their portability make them a must have for auto safety and convenience. And, if you are someone like me, who enjoys camping this could make for an excellence way to keep your phone charged up. 1byOne has made an excellent product that I’m excited I was able to try. You can buy the Multi-Function Jump starter on Amazon or directly from their website.

You can find 1byOne on social media too:

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I was given a jump starter free of charge from 1byOne to review. I was not paid any money or told what to say. 


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  1. After that first use and getting comfortable with it, seemed to be pretty easy to use. Pretty impressive!! The Hollywood actor you hired for the video really made it easy to watch too. 😉

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