Kid Speak: Calling out Mom

One of the highlights of my day is when one of my children say something unexpected or funny. So often these little nuggets are full of wisdom, not always mind you, sometimes it’s just down right silliness. Either way it is usually a wonderful glimpse into the mind of a child and a reminder of what it once was to view the world through the innocent eyes of childhood.

I’m not sure how much wisdom is in today’s quote, or even truth for that matter but it sure is funny.

After a short trip to the store my 3 year old, Greyson, and I had the following conversation:

Greyson: “Daddy, can we go to Chik-fil-a, eat, play on the playground then go home and take a nap? Does that sound like a good plan?”
Me: “Well it is a good plan but we’re going to save money and eat at home.”
Greyson: “But mommy can waste money.”
Me: “Oh? She can? Who said that?”
Greyson: “Mommy!”


7 thoughts on “Kid Speak: Calling out Mom”

  1. Busted!!!
    My youngest daughter likes to call out my wife all the time. My older two are in school, so my wife and youngest are in cahoots all day together. But she doesn’t get away with much because my daughter will blurt out everything. Even when my wife tries to bribe her with ice cream. My daughter has learned that once she eats the ice cream, Mommy can’t take it back. So she has free reign to tell on Mommy.
    Great post!

    1. Yeah my kids like to bust me out too when I let them get away with stuff we aren’t normally supposed to do.
      I’ve come to accept that they can’t keep a secret. I don’t even bother with attempted bribes anymore.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Out of the mouth of babes! Your wife has been well and truly landed in it. Gives you a sound excuse for splashing out on a treat or two.

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